What Is A Latex Mattress?

Latex comes from the rubber trees sap. After some processing, we adapt it into a mattress which is known as a latex mattress. Latex mattresses are very user friendly and beneficial for the users. For many reasons latex made mattresses are so popular among the people.

Latex mattresses are comfiest for all kinds of sleepers. They are very supportive and worthiest to relieve pressure from the different parts of the body. Generally, a latex mattress is more durable than the other mattresses.

What Is A Latex Mattress

In this article, we will discuss all of the latex mattresses in detail, that can help you to select the best latex mattress, topper and pillow. So, read our article attentively to know many unknown facts about latex mattresses. Let’s start:

Understanding the Types of Latex Mattress

natural latex sampleThere are different types of latex made mattresses are available in the market. So, you can easily be confused when you want to purchase a latex mattress. Here we shortly describe the different types of latex made mattresses:

Dunlop Latex Mattress

Dunlop starts to use with mattress around the decade of 1930. For using Dunlop latex with mattress firstly whips the rubber sap into a rich froth. After that pours it into a mold. Then covers and heats it. Dunlop latex mattresses are so much support and have the right firmness.

Talalay Latex Mattress

For making mattresses from the Talalay process require foam flashes frozen before heating. Talalay keeps your mattress newer than the Dunlop latex. They are also very supportive but not as firm as Dunlop.

Natural Latex Mattress

They are fully made from natural ingredients and free from petrochemicals. Natural latex is the most comfortable for sleeping among all the latexes. They naturally resist mildew, mold, and dust mites. But you need to spend comparatively more money than the other latexes made mattress to afford it.

Hybrid Latex Mattress

Hybrid latex mattresses are made with a combination of latex and other materials. Usually, memory foams are used with the latex to make a hybrid latex mattress. Hybrid latex mattresses are comparatively cheaper than the natural. You can easily afford them though they are not lasted as like a natural latex mattress.

Blended Latex Mattress

Blended latex mattresses are made with a mix of natural and synthetic latex. Usually, the proportion is 70 percent natural latex mixed up with 30 percent synthetic latex. You can afford them at a low price.

We hope this description will help you to understand about different types of latex made mattresses. Now, you can easily understand that which types of latex made mattresses are appropriate for you.

Pros of Latex Mattress

All- Natural

Latex is a natural product made from a liquid found in the rubber trees. Latex mattresses don’t need to use toxic or other harmful chemicals. Naturally, it can protect you from insects or microbes. Furthermore, while you lie down on a latex made mattress you feel springiness because of its natural properties.

Promotes Pain Relief

Latex mattresses can provide comfort for those people who suffer in the back or joint pain. Even experts are recommended it for solving those back or joint pains. The cushioning and comfort properties of the latex are effective in reducing back and joint pains. Switching into the latex mattresses can be a good solution for back and joint pain suffering people to get relief from those circumstances.

Spine Alignment Properly

Latex mattresses properly align both of the higher and lower parts of your body. They ensure the natural movement of your spine. Latex mattresses are well known for providing strong support. This support is so much effective to lessen back or spinal related issues. Latex helps your body to distribute pressure in balance that keeps your body safe from the various back, join or spinal pain and also improve the blood circulation.

Less Motion Transfer Rate

Latex has less motion rate so it is very good for them who shared their mattress with partners, siblings, or children. If anyone frequently tosses and moves on the mattress that creates so much disturb for others in sleep. Both of you cannot sleep well if that happens. But if you use a latex mattress then you cannot feel the others tosses or movements while sleeping together. Because latex has stiff surfaces and less motion transfer rate that is very effective to handle this issue.

Excellent Air Circulation

Latex mattresses are a good provider of air circulation. They have natural open- cell structure with a series of pinholes. Open- cell and pinholes series make sure the smooth airflow. As a result, you can sleep comfortably and remain cool on the latex mattress. You also enjoy easy and nice breathing on it. Latex mattresses also keep you peppy by protecting from the damp feel during hot weather.

Naturally Allergen-Free

Latex made mattresses are naturally allergen-free and also dust mites and mold obstructing. So, they can able to protect you from allergic issues. A latex mattress is very useful for the allergic related issues suffering people. If you suffer in allergies problem then we will suggest you use a latex mattress. It will be beneficial for you to give relief from this situation.

Eco- Friendly

Latex is very eco-friendly. They are directly made from nature. Rubber trees produce latex and these trees are very effective to remove carbon dioxide from the environment. They also keep it cool and calm for us. When you buy a latex mattress you also encourage the planting of rubber trees.

Highly Durable

You can easily use a latex mattress averagely for ten years. They are very durable than the other mattresses. During this period latex mattress also satisfied you. They will reassure the frequent changing or replacing the mattress.

Cons of Latex Mattress

Too Much Heavy

Almost every high-quality latex beds and mattresses are too heavy for use. Users reported that they cannot move them easily according to their necessity. So, it is quite a difficult task for a single living person to move a latex mattress whenever he/ she shift change or shifting their house.


Latex mattresses are so much costly than the other mattresses. Everyone cannot able to afford it. Each kind of latex has a different price. Cost also varies from the brand, size, and types of latex mattresses. You need to spend $700- $3400 to get a Twin size latex mattress while King sizes cost $1350- $6000 over. (Check the mattress size here).

Excessive Firmness

Exceeding firmness is a common problem with latex mattresses. Sometimes they are too rigid to sleep on them in few first days. You need to wait for breaking the mattress rigidity to reach the desired firmness level.  Many people cannot comfortably sleep on a rigid surface. So, avoiding latex mattresses are wise for them.


After using a few months you can feel that your mattress starts to lose its firmness. At that time you feel several issues also with your mattress. Compression is one of the common issues for latex mattress perhaps every type of mattresses need to face this issue after a few months using. Though natural latex is very good to cope with this compression problem.

In our article, we try to give you brief information all about latex mattresses. I hope it will enrich your knowledge and assist you to make a perfect buy.


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