Do You Leave Plastic On Box Spring?

New things come in various packages and wrapped carefully. Everything also including a box spring comes in a wrapped package and that is plastic. When we buy new things we usually leave it that way because we think it looks good and stays intact for a long time.

Just like everything around us, there are advantages and disadvantages of keeping plastic on box springs. Below we are discussing on do you leave plastic on box spring.

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4 Advantages Of Leaving The Plastic On Box Spring

Just like anything, keeping plastic on the box spring has its advantages as well. And they are-

Low Maintenance

When you leave the plastic on a new box spring it becomes easy to maintain. The plastic helps the box spring to keep away any dirty material. A box spring needs maintenance and the plastic cuts off some effort.


As the box spring is covered with plastic it also keeps away the dust from being absorbed. Dust creates a lot of trouble for the mattress as well. So it is good in one way, to keep the plastic on the box spring. Dust also makes it hard for someone to breathe properly at night.

Mites Free

At night many creepy crawlers are roaming around. The plastic helps to keep those from entering the box spring and then your bed.


The plastic on the box spring makes it look intact and new. It always has a fresh look. So suppose you decide to sell this to someone, you will get it at a good price. And if you want to exchange it, the possibility becomes easy.

4 Disadvantages Of Leaving The Plastic On Box Spring

Everything has a downside. So the disadvantages of keeping plastic on a box spring are-


When something has been kept wrapped for a long time without having any ventilation then it is obvious there will be some damage. Due to zero air circulation inside the box spring, molds are created. Mold spreads a bad smell and it gets damp and damages the box spring. So if you don’t want that to happen it would be better to keep the plastic off the box spring.


When the box spring is wrapped in plastic it gets challenging on keeping the mattress in position all the time. One night you are sleeping on the right side and the next day you wake and see yourself and the mattress on the left side. The plastic wrap is slippery so it is very troubling.


The wrap around the box spring is chemically processed. In a general sense, the chemical on the plastic is then inhaled by you, which is very harmful to your health.

Cheap looks

Although you think it looks intact and new by keeping the plastic wrap on the box spring it looks cheap. It doesn’t look contemporary or trendy.


It is totally up to you whether you should keep the plastic on or not. Considering everything there is, you should think about it. But if the retailer suggests something then it is better to listen to it.


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