Gel Memory Foam Mattress How Long To Expand?

If you have purchased a new get memory foam mattress then you probably have the question that gel memory foam mattress how long to expand? In this article, we will try to give a clear idea about that.

Gel Memory Foam Mattress How Long To Expand

Gel memory foam is very popular because of the particular feature and that is you can carry it easily or store it away. It can be deflated or rolled up as well. That is why it is also known as “bed in a box. This incredible idea was created by Charles Yost.

Due to the cooling property of gel inside the mattress, it helps the person to be relieved from pain and has a good night’s sleep. If the mattress is taken proper care of, then it could last up to ten years.

Expansion of gel memory foam

Memory foam usually takes 24-48 hours to expand or sleep on after being delivered.  You can sleep on it as soon as it gets delivered but won’t get the actual comfort from it.

There are some ways you can expand memory foam and they are all discussed below.

8 Ways to expand the memory foam

A gel memory and memory foam are the same. The only difference is the gel memory foam is infused with cooling gel and it gives a cooling effect during sleep.

Removing the package

After it has been delivered, remove the package properly. Do not use any sharp objects like scissors and knives because you might damage the foam. Try to unwrap it with your hands. Even small damage can cause a big loss. So be careful when removing the whole package from the mattress.

Room temperature

Memory foam expands easily in warmer room temperature. It doesn’t take time and it is one of the most effective ways. During the winter season, this step is mandatory. The warmth reduces viscosity and improves the flow of fluidity.

Flat Surface

If you may have an empty spare room, unroll or unfold the mat and place it on the open flat surface. In this way, the mattress can circulate the air and it gives space and time to expand.


Try to separate the layers of the foam carefully. In this way it will have a faster effect during expansion unless you feel any resistance, just stop there. Layer separation is a very tricky process because it might tear up. And as we know a little fault can cause big damage. Call an expert and ask them to do it.


You should try to roll over or walking on the memory foam. This causes the foam to absorb the pressure and create expansion.

Body Heat

Try sleeping on the mattress for a few days. Due to your body heat, the mattress will expand in no time. This method is effective and effortless.


If the density of the foam is denser then it will take time to expand. Many manufacturers produce foams varying shape, size, thickness, etc. But denser foam is also very firm and it will feel comfortable when you sleep on it.


Thicker foams will take time to expand. The topper and the mattress will take less time compared to the pillow as it is the thickest. The best quality memory foam is the heavier and denser ones.

What You Should Od If Didn’t Expand After 7 Days?

If it has been a week and your foam hasn’t expanded yet, it means there are defects with your bed. Call the customer service and discuss the matter and the return policy. All memory foam comes with a warranty and returns policy as well. But a defective foam is very rare though.


Whether you buy a foam memory or gel memory, you will need to take care of that properly for longevity. You also need to consider thinking wisely to put on a bed frame or a strong foundation. It is all up to you.

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