How Long Can Tuft And Needle Stay In Box?

When you order a new mattress online, most of the time it will come compressed in a box. Mattress companies do that to cut down the shipping cost and easily move the mattresses. Tuft and Needle also delivered your new mattresses in a box.

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You need to unbox Tuft and Needle mattress after receiving it in a box. It is not ideal to keep any mattress in a box for a long time. It can damage the firmness, durability, pressure relief capacity, and other features.

Tuft and needle support team suggest customers don’t keep the mattresses in a box for more than three weeks. They advise unboxing their mattress within 2-3 weeks of receiving. According to their opinion, a long period of staying box can compress the mattress that causes so many potential damages to your Tuft and Needle. They recommended unboxing the mattress as quickly as you can. Unrolling your new Tuft and Needle mattress as soon as you can to relieve the pressure that compression puts on the foam. But if you leaving the mattress compressed for longer than four weeks it can potentially damage your new Tuft and Needle mattress.

We also suggest you remove Tuft and Needle mattress from the box and unwrap it as soon as possible. It’s also not wise to get the mattress and then leave it in the box. You can be busy after receiving the mattress box. So, you can take a few days to unbox it. But keep in mind it not be for a longer period.


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