How Much Does A Bed Frame Cost?

A bed frame is one of the necessary materials for our everyday life. A quality bed frame provides strong support to your bed and that also makes sure a sound sleep for you. Almost every people use a bed frame with their mattresses or beds. So, everyone needs to have a clear concept about the cost of bed frames

How Much Does A Bed Frame Cost

We find out based on three variables companies are determines their bed frame’s cost. These variables are:

  1. Bed Frame Materials.
  2. Bed Frame Sizes.
  3. Bed Frame Brands.

In this article, we discuss and explained those variables to give you proper knowledge about the cost of bed frames. Let’s start gradually:

Cost of a Bed Frame by Material Type

The bed frame is made by various materials such as wood, metal, oak, iron, maple, aluminum, etc. Among them, metal and wood those two types of bed frames are commonly used by the people. Below we make a graph chart to show you the average cost varies of metal and wood bed frame:

price based on the bed frame typeThis graph chart shows us that the wooden bed frames are more expensive from a metal bed frame. You can easily get a standard metal bed frame below $100 while you need to pay almost $200 to get a qualitative good wooden bed frame.

Wooden bed frames provide you more facilities rather than a metal bed frame. Wooden bed frames are more durable and user- friendly. You can use a wooden bed frame for a long period. On the other hand, the metal bed frame is not so durable and also it is not so qualitatively well to use instead of a wooden bed frame.

We always recommended you buy a wood bed frame. Though wooden bed frames are expensive despite that it is ideal to purchase them for long and comfiest use. But if you are running into a budget crisis and badly needed a bed frame then go for a metal bed frame. 

Cost of a Bed Frame by Size

The cost of a bed frame also varies from size to size. There are different sizes of bed frames by various companies’ are available in the market. People like to use a crib, twin, twin XL, king, queen, full, California king, etc. sizes bed frames. We primarily select two well-known bed frame makers Zinus and Ikea. Here we also make a table to give you the pricing comparison between them according to the size of bed frame:

Sample Beds

This table shows us Ikea’s several sizes of bed frames are more expensive than the Zinus bed frames. King sizes are more costly than the full and queen sizes bed frames. We all know that king sizes are comparatively bigger from the full and queen sizes bed frames. So, it is quite clear that you need to pay more money for purchasing larger bed frames.

Cost of a Bed Frame by Brand

The brand image undoubtedly a big factor to destine the value of a product. Companies need to invest long periods for creating their brand images in the market. Those companies are more trustworthy among the buyers usually their price is a little bit much than their competitors.

Like all other products brand image also have effects on the price of the bed frame. Here we take four popular bed frame brands as a sample. We collected the average price list of Zinus, Casper, Ikea, West Elm bed frame companies’ to elucidate you that how this brand image used as a factor of price determine criteria:

Bed Frame BrandAverage Price for Full Bed
West Elm$1386

This table presented us with the average price index of four famous brands in the sector of the bed frame. We see that there are well differences among those companies’ price lists. Those price differences mainly come from the craftsmanship of a bed frame.

Here you should also keep in mind that wood made bed frames are most costly than the metal or other materials made bed frames. So, those companies’ who make the wooden bed frame their price are higher than the others. You also can’t deny the brand factor in the price- deciding process.

Average Cost of a Bed Frame

We already explained those criteria which have a direct influence on the price-fixing process of a bed frame. We show you the average price differences between various companies. We hope it will help you to understand our current calculation of the average cost of a bed frame.

After researching we found that the average cost of a bed frame is around $220. Some bed frames are cheap and some are expensive. You can get a metal bed frame around $90 while you need to pay more than $150 to use a mezzo quality wooden bed frame. Luxurious bed frames are so much expensive. You require to spend more than $1000 to afford one of them.

If you want to use an adjustable bed frame then you need to expend relatively more money than the usual bed frames. The average price of an adjustable bed frame exists in $550 to $1300 range.

We are very sure that our article provides the proper information that you looking to purchase a bed frame. You can consider our information before purchasing a bed frame.

Source: Graph Chard and Table Data


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