How Much Does a Twin Mattress Cost?

  • Twin mattresses are usually used with single beds. These mattresses are very popular around the country for their easy adjusting capacity. Twin sizes are comparatively smaller than the other mattresses’ size. Usually, the twin mattresses are affordable, even you can get an excellent quality twin mattress in the market for within $100 only.How Much Does a Twin Mattress Cost?In this article, we will inform you that what amount will require you to afford a twin mattress. But before mention this amount, we feel that you need to know other information also. Let’s start our discussion step by steps: 

    Common Mattress Size Dimensions Comparison

    Nowadays, many sizes of mattresses are available in the market. Here we selected some most commonly use mattress sizes and give you a short description of them:

    • Small Single or Cot: These mattresses are specially designed for cribs but you can also use them for toddlers. Usually, we use a small single or cot bed for our toddlers. A typical Small Single or Cot bed has 30” width and 75” length.
    • Twin: These mattresses are ideal for grown-up children or those who just finished their toddler periods. It is also effective for them who live in a small room or share their room with a roommate or sibling because of their fitting size. Generally, a Twin mattress is in 38” width and 75” length.
    • Twin XL: Twin XL is larger than the previously described twin mattress. These mattresses are a smart choice for them who wants to save some space. You can easily adjust this mattress with king bed frames. So, they are perfect for adults or those who share their mattresses with their partners. Typical measurements of these mattresses are 38” in width and 80” in length.
    • Full: An adult person comfortably sleeps on this mattress with a child or bed. They are not suitable for two adult people. It has a good width space but not enough length to share it with others. Though you can share it with shorter people who don’t need more length space for sleep. The usual size of a Full mattress is 54” in width and 75” in length.
    • Full XL: Full XL mattress is longer than the full mattress. Full XL provides you an extra few inch’s leg space than the Full mattress. Two taller people comfortably sleep on this mattress. It is 54” in width and 80” in length.

    Standard Mattress Sizes in US

    • Queen: Queen is ideal for almost everyone. They have balanced width and length space to suit any sleepers. But you need to make sure enough space for using this mattress. Queen mattress take more space than the previous above-cited mattresses size. You require a larger bedroom to fit it. Normally, a Queen mattress is 60” in width and 80” in length.
    • Olympic Queen: Olympic Queen is slightly wider than the Queen mattress. Those people who need more width space with their mattress they can try it. But always keep in mind that you require more width space in the room to use an Olympic Queen mattress. The usual size of an Olympic Queen mattress is 66” in width and 80” in length.
    • King: King mattresses are perfect for those who sleep with their wife/ husband, pets, and children everyone together. But you need to require at least 12’*12’ size room for using this mattress. Without a larger space, it is quite impossible to adjust with a King mattress. King sizes are equal to 2* Twin XL. A standard King is 76” in width and 80” in length.
    • California King: They are the biggest available sizes mattress in the market. They are very much good for tall people, active sleepers, and couples with pets or kids. California King is longer but less wide than the King size mattress. So, you need to longer and wider space to fit a California King mattress for use. These size mattresses are normally 72” in width and 84” in length. 

    Below we make a table with those commonly used mattress sizes that will help you to make a comparison among them:

    Cost of a Twin mattress

    Usually, we used innerspring, foam, latex, hybrid, airbed mattresses. Twin sizes are available for all of these mattresses. The price ranges of twin size depend on the mattress type. You can easily find a Twin mattress in the range of $100- $600. But most of the time the cost of a Twin mattress exceeds this price range. Averagely you need to spend more than $500 to get a standard Twin size mattress. Usually, if the Twin is $400 then it might be the Full, Queen, and King size mattresses respectively $600, $800, $1000.

    We already inform you that there are different types of mattresses are available with the Twin size. Each type of mattress has a different price for Twin size. Below we make a chart with the average cost of different type’s mattresses Twin size:  

    This chart shows us the average cost of Twin size for different types of mattresses. We see that airbed mattress twin sizes are averagely pricier than the other types. You need to pay $1400 for a Twin size airbed mattress while hybrid, latex, foam, innerspring mattress twin sizes respectively cost $1150, $1100, $ 500, and $600.

    Twin size mattresses are very beneficial for you. It provides lots of facilities to the user. We hope our information will help you when you think to afford a Twin size mattress for use.



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