How to Get Smell out Of Mattress?

You can fall into an uncomfortable situation due to smell out of your mattress. You cannot sleep or rest on the mattress comfortably, for this reason, At the same time, it is also embarrassed for you especially in front of a get. There are various reasons to spread bad smells from your mattress. But following some method, you easily stop this bad smell from spreading.

8 Simple Methods to Get the Smell Out of Mattress

Using soda is a popular method to remove odor from a mattress. Spray the water on your mattress and sprinkle bicarbonate of soda there and wait a few hours. Other than that, you can follow some different methods like keeping the mattress under the sunburn, using white wine vinegar, and many more. In this article, we will share and discuss briefly such 8 simple methods to get the smell out of a mattress. Let’s start:

Sprinkle on Bicarbonate of Soda

It is one of the simplest ways to out the smell from your mattress. In this method, you need to spray your mattress with a water mist and then sprinkle bicarbonate of soda on it. After that, you need to wait a few hours. In this period, that mixture of water and bicarbonate soda gets the smell out of your mattress. Now you can simply vacuum it to complete this cleaning process. You can effectively use this method to get out every kind of mattress smell especially vomit and sweat.

Keep Mattress in Sunlight

It is one of the effective methods to get the smell out from your mattress. If you have enough space in your yard or roof then you can easily keep your mattress under the sunburn. With the help of the sun, you can easily get the smell out of the mattress. But you need to select a warm sunny day to remove the smell from your mattress in this way. Place your mattress direct under the sunlight to complete this task more smoothly. This is the simple and perfect method to get odor and sweat smells out from the mattress.

White Wine Vinegar

The mixture of water and vinegar also works perfectly to get the smell out from your mattress. In this method, firstly you require to make a mixture of water and vinegar. You can take ¼ vinegar and ¾ warm water to make this mixture. Then soaking a cloth into this mixture and after a few minutes use this wet cloth to wipe around your mattress. It will be effective to remove the smell of your mattress. After completing this method, you may feel slight vinegar smells from your mattress. Don’t worry it will disappear within a few hours. By following this method, you can successfully remove any type of smell from your mattress. This method is commonly used to get out the sweat and urine smell of the mattress.

Wipe with a Lemon

With the help of lemons, you can naturally get out odor from your mattress. This method is very easy and simple but so much effective to remove the odor smell of your mattress. At first, you need to cut a lemon and then wipe it around the mattress. Wait a few hours to dry and hoover up. You will get nice lemon smells from your mattress instead of odor. Lemon is a gift of nature with antibiotic quality that is effective to remove smell and general stains from mattresses.

Vacuuming the Mattress

Vacuuming the mattress also a workable method to get any smell out of it. Use a powerful and high-quality vacuum to complete whole the process smoothly. At first, wash the upholstery attachment in warm water. This wash helps you to remove dust and germs from your mattress before vacuuming. Now vacuums all the area of your mattress properly to get the smell out of it.

The mixture of Corn Starch and Baking Soda

A mixture of corn starch and baking soda are used more often to get the smell out of a mattress. In this method, you need to scatter the mixture of it all over the mattress surfaces. Then leave your mattress with this mixture for a day to see the magic of it. The next day you need to vacuum the mattress surfaces properly to pick up the mixture of corn starch and baking soda. At the same time, you also find your mattress completely free from smells.

Water and Distilled White Vinegar Mixture

You can follow this method to get the smell out of your mattress instead of a chemical mattress cleaner. To get results from this method you need to make a mixture with the water and distilled white vinegar. You can make this mixture in a spray bottle by taking an equal proportion of water and distilled white vinegar. Then spray it all over of your mattress and wait until it dries properly. You can open your window to allow air or switch the room’s fan to complete the mattress drying process quickly. After a few hours, you get your mattress free from smells.

Calendaring the Mattress

We can also get the smell out of our mattress by simply calendaring it. It is ideal to give a wash to your mattress before calendaring. You should launder your mattress in the highest allowable temperature of the washing machine and then dry it completely. Now your mattress is ready for calendaring.  Some smells are very bad and they do not get away properly after the washing. In that case, calendaring the mattress can be a good solution. Calendaring your mattress carefully to remove the smell from it. During calendaring always be careful because any type of carelessness in that time can cause serious damage to your mattress. Don’t forget that during calendaring you also remain the risk of electroshock.


In the above, we described the simplest method to get the smell out of a mattress. We hope after reading our article now you can easily get the smell out from your mattress. Click here to see this process practically. You should use a mattress protector to save your mattress. The mattress protectors are easy to wash.


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