How to Inflate Air Mattress While Camping

The best air mattresses are very essential for you while you are in a camp. Using an air mattress for sleep is the most popular in all the other ways to sleep while camping. It helps you to take rest or sleep more comfortably during the camping. But it can be difficult for a camper to inflate his/her air mattress in camping.

10 Easy Ways to Inflate Air Mattress While Camping

This article is written for them. Here we discuss 10 easy ways to inflate an air mattress during camping. Let’s start:

1. Built-In Air Pump

It is the simplest method to blow up an air mattress. Nowadays, most air mattresses are manufactured with internal pumps. Plug-in operated and battery-operated are two different varieties of the air mattress. You can choose any of them according to your necessity.

You don’t require any battery for plug-in internal pump air mattresses. Instead of a battery, you need to plug into a power source.120-volt the outlet is standard for this process. This volt is available in our residential power supply system. By doing that you can effortlessly inflate an air mattress without batteries in a campaign period. But you must require electricity. Though the procedure of inflating an air mattress by plugin internal pump way is a little bit expensive.

When you camping in a remote region. Most of the time you don’t get electricity facilities there. In that situation battery-operated internal pump system so much effective for you to inflate your air mattress. Without electricity, you can easily inflate your air mattress by using a battery-operated internal pump system. For that, you should require recharge /replace batteries. Like the previous one, it is also expensive.

2. Portable Pump

A portable pump using is another easy method to inflate an air mattress. For that, you require a battery-operated pump that can be used with rechargeable or regular batteries. We recommended you to use rechargeable batteries instead of regular batteries. Though initially, you need to pay more for rechargeable batteries. But in the long run, this investment will be beneficial for you. It gives you relief from the hassles of regular battery changing.

You can inflate your air mattress anywhere by using portable pumps and this is also affordable to purchase. Portable pumps are available in various sizes and shapes. So, it important to find out the proper sizes for your air mattress.

3. Electric Pump

If you can fix-up the power supply then the electric pump will be effective for you to inflate the air mattress. You don’t need any batteries to complete the inflate process in this way. But it is not ideal to use the regular electric pumps for inflating air mattresses in camping. Though you can get along with it in your home we don’t recommend it to use for camping because of some reason. We prefer an external electric pump rather than regular electric pumps for camping. The external pump also costs less money than regular electric pumps.

4. Hand Pump

Without electricity and batteries, you can inflate an air mattress with the help of a hand pump. For inflating an air mattress in that way, you simply hold it in place with one or both of your feet. Then according to the pump design use your one or two hands to push and pull it vigorously. You can complete the entire process at a low cost.

To inflate your air mattress with a hand pump is a physical labored old- fashioned method. You also need lots of time to carry out whole the inflating process.

5. Foot Pump

Using of foot pumps is almost similar to the previously describe hand pumps. For inflating an air mattress with the foot pump, you require to use your legs instead of hands. Just press down on the pump with your foot over and over again. You require less effort for foot pumps than the hand pumps. Generally, foot pumps take longer to inflate an air mattress and it is not for larger air mattresses.

You can purchase a foot pump at a very low price. Some air mattresses’ companies give it free with their mattress. Foot pump can be a good option to inflate a small size air mattress.

6. Hair Dryer

Though using a hairdryer is an odd method for inflating an air mattress. But this method is very effective. All of you know that hair dryers blow air similar to what a regular pump does. It can work almost as good as an electric pump. Some hair dryers are not required electricity to blow up an air mattress. So, you can carry them everywhere by recharging the battery.

Inflating your air mattress in this method your hairdryer must be able to blow cool air and it is important to create a tight seal for smoothly completing this task. You can use duct tape around the valve and air dryer for creating a more streamlined seal.

7. Your Breath

Inflating your air mattress with own of your breath is the simplest way to do that.  You don’ require any equipment for doing that and it’s free. For starting this method to inflate an air mattress, at first you require to clean the inlet before putting your mouth on it. Cleaning makes it easier for you to blow it up with your breath. In this process, when you stop blowing then the air starts coming back out. It makes your work more difficult.

Inflate an air mattress with your breaths is a very time consuming and hard-working task. Even it is almost impossible to apply this method to inflate full-size air mattresses. We suggest you apply this method only when you used sleeping pads for camping.

8. Garbage Bag

Many people don’t know that garbage bags can be used to inflate an air mattress. In this method, you require to fill up the air mattress by using a trash bag. You don’t take the trouble to manage a garbage bag. It is easier than using your breath. But inflating an air mattress with the garbage bag so much time- consuming and it looks funny too.

9. Bike Pump

If you can get a good seal between the valve and the nozzle then a bike pump can be easily used to inflate your air mattress. To inflate an air mattress in this way you should use duct tape or something similar. You also need to take help from your partner to complete the process. Your partner just requires to hold the bike pump nozzle up to the air valve while you use it to inflate the air mattress.

Inflating the air mattress in that is not so laborious for you. You can complete the entire process nicely with the help of a person. Though the bike pump isn’t able to seal the air mattress perfectly.

10. Vacuum

Using a vacuum can be a solution for inflating your air mattress. Your vacuum must require the ability to blow air and have an attached long narrow nozzle. Though it is unusual to carry a vacuum during camping.  You must need to plug the vacuum into electrically to inflate the air mattress by it. Instead of a household vacuum, you can also use a vehicle cleanup vacuum to inflate an air mattress. We prefer a vehicle vacuum to do that.

To be honest it is not a recommended way to inflate your air mattress. This procedure is so much incommodious.

In our article, we try to provide you the 10 easiest way to inflate an air mattress during camping. We hope it will be useful for you.


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