How To Make Sleeper Sofa More Comfortable?

Sleeper sofa comes with many facilities, it offers both as a bed and as a convenient seating for you and your loved one. The sleeping sofa is perfect for sleeping and relaxing a couple of times but it usually lacks comfort because it can hard on the back over long periods of use.

How To Make Sleeper Sofa More Comfortable

For making the best comfortable sleeper sofa you may prefer down comforters, high quality based sheets, and add some ambient sound in the bedroom but if you really don’t know how to start, you will not succeed to make it comfortable.

7 Way To Make Sleeper Sofa More Comfortable

So you should follow some ideas about how to make a sleeper sofa more comfortable for your household and guests.

Use New High-quality Mattress

Mattress problems are a common issue for sleeper sofa. If you are not able to choose a high-quality mattress, you will not get a comfort zone from this sofa bed. So you should go with the best sofa bed mattress which is very soft and comfortable.

  • Innerspring Coil Mattress: It uses a steel coil support system which provides a comfortable, flexible, and supportive surface that will keep you cooler than other mattresses. It allows natural body movement and limits motions disturbance which gives much comfort for people sleeping with a partner.
  • Memory Foam Mattress: it usually denser than other foam mattresses which allow softens in reaction to body heat and recover more quickly to their original shape. The firmness of memory foam is used for determining comfort. Its have great breathability and relief pain.

Add A Mattress Topper

The easiest way to improve the comfort level of the sleeper sofa is to add a topper. A relatively thin mattress pad can make a big difference and add maximum comfort. If you live in a city with relatively hot weather, try searching for a memory foam mattress topper because it absorbed too much heat.

The extra padding mattress topper will make the mattress comfier, make it easy, and promote fast sleep. Purchasing a high-quality mattress topper to ensure your guests ’ comfortable and gives them well-rested as possible. You should choose mattress pads which have,

  1. Soft and firmness.
  2. Consider allergies.
  3. Storage consideration.
  4. Perfect measurement.

You can also keep searching and reading how to pick up a topper mattress pad for a sleeper sofa and this may help you for finding perfect mattress topper for your sleeper sofa.

Use High-quality Fresh Sheets

The comfort level of the sleeper sofa completely related to high-quality fresh sheets. The high-quality sheets which specially made for the sleeper sofa give you and your guests the most relaxing and comfortable experience.

Regular sheets that don’t make for sleeper sofa will cause the sheets to slip and come out from under the corner and also causing uncomfortable bunching. But the sofa bed sheets prevent sheet slipping and bunching during the night.

A high-quality sheet more expensive but it’s a necessary investment for comfort.

For more comfort, you should use fresh sheets by cleaning your bedding every time. If the sheets don’t smell fresh after laundered, throw them with a dryer sheet in the dryer. They will come out warm and fresh.

Fluffy Down Comforter

A fluffy down comforter will give you proper comfort which you want from a sleeper sofa. The comforter adds an extra comfort level of your sleeping bedding.

But all down comforters aren’t fluffy. If your comforter can not give an ideal comfort zone then you have so many options to choose fluffy comforter on the market. Some high-quality comforters are,

  • Egyptian bedding down comforter: this is a hypoallergenic and luxurious comforter that is soft to feel. It is considered to be extremely fluffy and the down is compressed perfectly.
  • Pure down comforter: it maintains the perfect balance between breathability and warmth. It is ideal for all year round use and very soft and fluffy.
  • Snowman down comforter: this comforter perfectly meets every customer’s sleeping demands. It is fluffy, comfortable and also so soft to touch.

Fill In The Gaps With Fluffy Feather Pillows

Another way to improve the comfort level to fill any gaps with the pillows on the sleeper sofa. And it helps to perfect sleep at night. Feather pillows making it more comfortable but if you have an allergenic problem to feathers, you may shift to fluffy pillows without feathers.

You can use matching pillows for stylish looks. Fluffy pillows add a feeling that you’re sleeping on the cloud.

Keep The Mattress Clean After Every Visit

Your sleeper sofa must be clean because people sit, sleep, and also eat in them. So your sofa couch should look clean.

For ensuring a comfortable and good night’s sleep you should clean the sofa mattress or bedding after every use. You can use a small handy vacuum or a dryer for cleaning and after cleaning; it can bring more comfort and add a fresh look.

To protect the sleeper sofa’s mattress you can use a washable mattress so that you can easily wash it after every visit.

Set The Sleepy Mood

If you need a solution for more comfortable and set the sleepy mood to your room, consider sleeping on a duvet in a comfy sleeper bed with soothing lighting. It makes your sleeping experience more enjoyable. But is someone is light sensitive, you can skip soothing lighting in that situation.

Diffusing oil at night helps to create relaxing space and help you to sleep but is entirely optional.


For creating a cozy and comfortable space for you and your guest you just need a comfortable sofa bed. The tip for making sofa bed comfortable varies form different types of sofa. You can follow these well-known tips according to your own sleeper sofa’s configuration to make your sleeper sofa more comfortable and cozy.

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  • Afton Jackson
    at 6:39 am

    I loved your tips for setting a sleepy mood when using sleeper sofas. The reason why we’ve been looking to replace our furniture is that we’ve been trying to remodel our living room into an alternative sleeping room in case we have guests around or if sleeping in the second floor bedrooms isn’t comfortable for some people. These tips sound like they’ll make the living room much more condusive to sleeping in, so we’ll remember them when we find a furniture store that can sell us some sleeper sofas.

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