How to get sleep at night fast?

‘Insomnia’ – a sleep disorder most people suffer. In this century people have become busier and engaged in different activities. Mostly because of our society and how the world is changing day by day. With all these pressures inside, a person is naturally affected by insomnia. Approximately 65.4% of the world population suffers from insomnia. People have tried many ways to get a good sleep even if it is during lunch breaks at the office or at night on the couch. Insomnia is a largely diagnosed problem which medical advisors still today, is researching for a permanent solution.

Keeping everything aside, let’s focus on how we can get to sleep not in a normal way but in a way or method which is fast and effective. And obviously, it might help with our insomnia issue as well.

There are two ways of getting sleep at night which people normally know and that is, naturally and pharmaceutically. 

Natural methods to get sleep at night fast

The most effective way to keep the physical and mental health right and with no side effects are the natural methods. Natural methods are more preferable because we don’t need to face the aftermath unlike the medical process of sleeping fast. So here are the ways. 

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A cup of warm milk

We all know that a cup of warm milk at night will make us fall asleep. But one thing is it will promote the serotonin in the brain and make us sleep not faster but it has a smooth way to relax our mind so that we can get a good night’s sleep.

Drink Chamomile Tea

Chamomile tea is a relaxing and very fast natural way to make someone fall asleep. Chamomile dry flowers have components of sleeping aid. It is very effective and it also works on those people who suffer from chronic insomnia. It is also effective for pregnant women who are having the stress of labor pain and contractions. There are more foods that can help to sleep fast at night.

Keep Right Temperature In The Room 

A room with the right temperature is a must if you want to sleep faster. If the room is too cold you might get a bad headache when waking up and if the temperature is too warm, you will sweat and get a very bad cold which nobody wants. The normal human body temperature is around 36.5 °C which later during night it falls around 1-1.5 °C. So the room we are going to sleep in should be cooler around that. Our body tends to accept cooler places than that of a warmer one.

Keep Smartphone Away

Today, we can’t think of anything without a smartphone or any kind of electronics associated with entertainment or job. Most of us think that if we keep using our gadgets when we are trying to sleep, we might fall asleep faster. That’s totally wrong. The rays coming from the screen affects our eyes and causes chemical reactions that makes our brain work more. It puts a lot of pressure and also causes headaches. So before an hour of sleep, all the gadgets except for the alarm clock should be put away somewhere.  In that way our brain will stop getting so warmed up which ultimately will cause the reaction of falling asleep.

Yoga and Meditating

Yoga and meditation are ways that keep our physical and mental state relaxed. When we make up our mind to go to sleep one should try practicing yoga or meditating.  When a person breathes in and breathes out, the air flowing into the brain stimulates the nerves controlling the body saying to relax and it also helps us with our memory. But no one should do intensive yoga because that will make the heart pump which is a sign of activeness not relaxation. Yoga before bedtime should be where we loosen up the muscles to prepare the body to go to sleep.

Listening to Cool Music or Sound

Listening to the sound of rain or the ocean waves makes us feel alive and very settled down. One should try to listen to sounds like this in a quiet room. Focusing on the sound will distract our brain from thinking about stress and other unnecessary activities. It is medically proved that the sound of rain dropping automatically makes the brain to function on different levels subconsciously.

Don’t fall asleep 

After a long day at the office, anyone will want to have some rest and get a power nap. But this is a trick that the brain plays. A person should try to stay awake no matter how tired they are. And when the time is right they will fall asleep without any notice.

‘NO’ to caffeine 

Don’t drink caffeine after the evening!!! Caffeine stays in our bodies for a very long time. That’s why people prefer black coffee in the morning which helps our brain to be activated properly. Caffeine is a natural ‘NO NO’ to sleep. Besides coffee, carbon beverages like Coca-Cola, Pepsi, and others contain caffeine. Baked goods also contain caffeine, believe it or not and dark chocolates are also included in this category.

Reading a good book

The 20th-century people are so much addicted to technology that they barely touch a book unless it has any relation to studies. We can find everything on the internet so why waste money on good books. Yes, there are some people who read the newspaper on the daily basis and read a book because it’s their hobby. What if we read a book before sleep?  Reading a book NOT a comic or magazine helps to minimize the brain to work under pressure. It is relaxing as well as educational. Let’s compare it with the reality of life. When we were in school or college, whenever we attempted to study we had the greatest urge to fall asleep. So, reading a book is a natural and fast way to fall asleep


Last but not least, praying. Whatever our religion is or how it is done, praying is a key to sleep faster. We focus on the higher power and we find peace. And peace lifts our soul and mind.

Sleep Affirmations

You can also use sleep affirmations to get sleep faster.

Pharmaceutical methods to get sleep at night fast

Natural ways do not contain any side effects like the medical methods. But one advantage is it causes sleep faster than any other. It should be noted that medical methods should not be continued for a long term process because in the long run it won’t affect anymore.

Melatonin is a chemical reaction which our brain normally produces when a person is in a dark room. Many companies produce medicines or drugs that contain this ingredient. 1-2 mg of this will cause drowsiness that leads to sleep. This kind of medicine is normally taken by older people, because the older a person is the less melatonin the brain creates.

There are many chemical agents most commonly used in the USA to make sleeping pills. They are often used to treat patients having seizures and chronic insomnia. Many researchers are still experimenting on this. 

There are some sleeping agents or pills that are highly dangerous. No pharmacies are allowed to give it away unless a person has a legal prescription. This is used mainly in asylum or people having psychiatric conditions. But if they are taken for a long period of time it may cause cancer or even death.

No one should take sleeping pills unless they need to for a long term. 


The steps given will help a person to get to sleep fast at night. Sleeping is essential and it is a process to reboot the body and mind for the next day. But if a person is facing chronic insomnia or any other sleeplessness disease, they should contact a professional or any medical associate.


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