15 Effective Sleep Affirmations

Sleep gives us a break for taking rest and also allows restarting our daily activities with a fresh mind. Sleep keeps us hale and provides energy to complete all of our tasks. Sound sleep can refresh both our body and mind.

We behave according to our thinking. For this reason, we need to go to bed with a positive mind setup. Sleep affirmations keep our minds fresh that helps us to quickly fall into a deep sleep.

15 Commonly Used Sleep Affirmations:

There are many sleep affirmations words, sentences, or phrases that are used by us. In this article we will explain such 15 sleep affirmations that are commonly used:

I Release Today

In this time I let go of all of my worries, blame, anger, and fear. I also release stress and anxieties. I release all of my today’s pressure and negative thoughts from my mind. After a sound sleep, I start a new day with new dreams and expectations.

Nothing Is Left Undone

I believe that already I complete my whole tasks. Now I have nothing to do. I can now take proper rest. Don’t worry if some tasks is not fully complete. I can restart them tomorrow in a new fillip.

I Did My Absolute Best Today

The whole day I have given my best. I complete all of my works with proper responsibilities. I fulfill my all tasks both in-office and at home with proper sincerity and honesty. Now, it’s my turn to take a sound sleep.

I Forgive It All

I forgive myself if I did any mistake or wrong the whole day and hope the next day I can erase them all. Every day teaches me new things that enrich my experience and knowledge. Tomorrow brings new daylight that will show me new hopes.

I Trust My Body and Mind

I have full trust in both my body and pain. My body and mind are very capable to give me a sound sleep. I don’t need to be tensed or panic about that. I believe that sleep will come very soon in a fresh body and mind.

I Have Permission to Fall Asleep

Now, I can give myself permission to close my eyes tonight and awake tomorrow with a chilled mind.  I am allowed to go into a deep night’s sleep. My mind, soul, and body deserve this rest.

I Now Enter a Place of Deep and Restful Sleep

I am now in my bed which is the most comfortable place for me to rest. It is a place of relaxation and peace. When I lie down on it I feel comforts and relaxed because all of my tension and burdens do not come with me on my bed. It’s time to fall into a deep sleep by removing all of my worries and pressures.

I Am Grateful

I am grateful to God for everything I received yet. I am grateful to my parents for looking after me when I was a kid. I am grateful to my teachers for enriching my knowledge. I am grateful to those people who love me. I am grateful for my life for always giving me new learning and experiences. I thankful to God for this wonderful night and also begged a sound sleep to him.

I Embrace My Dreams

I forget all of my sadness and worries into the darkness of this night. Now, I can sleep peacefully. I know I am enough capable person to fulfill my every dream, I am the worthiest person who can bring happiness to all of my loving people. I am also capable to fulfil all of the expectations. Now it’s time to embrace my dream. I know tomorrow’s sunshine brings a lot of energy for me to run after my dreams.

May My Sleep Peaceful

I beg a peaceful sleep to God. I feel sorry to God for all of my wrong deeds and beg pardon to Him. I also give a promise to God that after this peaceful sleep I will try my best to become a good person.

I Invite The Qualities of Good Sleep

My body, mind, and soul are fully prepared to invite sleep. They all are now refreshed and relaxed enough and also waiting eagerly to fall into a deep sleep.

I Choose Peace

I want to sleep because it gives peace to my eyes and as well as other body parts. Sleep brings peace to my soul and mind. When I close my eyes I feel that a peaceful world calling me. I want to go there. I know only sleep can help me to reach there.

I AM in Harmony with The Universe

I am nothing but the creation of God who sends me into this beautiful world. I have a strong connection with this world. I have a good harmony with this world. The universe takes rest in this night. I don’t want to create any disturbances for the universe. I also want a peaceful sleep to take proper rest.

I Am Wholly Capable of Falling Asleep

I did everything to get a sound sleep. My body, mind, and soul all are fully set for a sound sleep. I am now fully capable to fall into a deep sleep.

Now I Am Relaxed

Now I feel relaxed with my current life position and believe that I can move forwards. I have enough confidence that I am one of the best decision-takers in the situations.

We hope these sleep affirmations will help you to fall into a deep sleep. You also can listen to sleep affirmations from this link.

Out of the affirmations, ensure that you have the all elements to get sleep fast. If the place for sleep is not good then you may need a long time to get sleep.


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