How To Shorten A Box Spring?

Box spring is very much useful for your mattress. It provides extra support to your mattress. Box spring also protects your mattress and reduces wear and tear on it. It is called that a good box spring can increase the durability of your mattress. But you need to fit your box spring with the mattress before you start using it. Sometimes, it can be shortened or larger than your mattress size.

You cannot use this box spring smoothly which is shorten than your mattress. But if your box spring is large then you can shorten it for fitting with your mattress. Today we will suggest how you can shorten a box spring completely in the cheapest way:

Cut the Spare Part of Box Spring

It is the easiest procedure to shorten your box spring. To complete this procedure you should require:

  • Hammers.
  • Handsaw.
  • Tapeline.

You can cut those traditional wooden box spring when you require to shorten it. Cut those spare parts of your box spring to fitting it with your mattress. Before start cutting you should decide how much part of box spring, you cut to shorten it. Accurate measurement is very important for doing that. So, use your tapeline properly to get accurate measurements.

For doing this, you should lay the box spring flat at first. Securing the top piece of fabric to the box spring you require to use a pair of needle-nosed pliers for removing the staples. After that use the same pliers to peel back the side cover. Then cut the wooden slats with a handsaw that going down the length of the box spring. But be careful that don’t cut any slats going across the width.

Now you need to line up the cuts so that the box spring is effectively cut ‘in half’ without shortening to two pieces. Just fold the box spring up to finishing this shorten process completely. You also can use ratchet straps to keep the box spring secure.

By using this procedure you can easily shorten down and fit the wooden box spring with your mattress. (Click here to see the box spring shorten procedure visually)

But if you are not a user of wooden box spring or you haven’t time or skill enough to cut and fit a box spring then you should use a spilled or folding box spring. The specialty of these box springs is you can fit and customize them according to your necessity.  You can shorten or expand a spilled or folding or a low height box spring simply according to your need. Though this box spring is a little bit expensive, they are very much effective to solve your box spring size-related issues.

In this article, we show how you can shorten your box spring. We hope that will help when you require to shorten your box spring. But it is not an easy task. We recommend you to always buy a box spring according to your mattress size. It will help you to avoid excessive disturbance of fitting a box spring.



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