How To Use A Bed Without A Box Spring?

Box spring is one kind of foundation that can provide extra support to the mattress you use in bed. It increases the durability of the mattress and also gives you comfort in sleep or rest. But lots of people have the question “how to use a bed without a box spring”. the use of a box spring with your bed is optional. 

How To Use A Bed Without A Box Spring?

In this article, we discuss various points of box spring and also give you some tips on how can you use the bed without a box spring. So, read our article attentively for enriching knowledge. Let’s start: 

Do I Need a Box Spring with My Bed? 

Use a box spring with bed and mattress is not so bad choice. It will help you in various ways and increase the durability period of bed but it has also some disturbance. You can’t use the under space of bed and need to change the box regularly, which brings some additional cost. 

So what can you do? At first, you need to understand your necessity. You need to know which is suitable for your bed and demand. If you need box spring with bed don’t think twice to buy it otherwise leave it. 

Are you still doubtful? Don’t worry, read and think carefully about those advantages and disadvantages of box spring bed we mentioned earlier. We hope it will help you to make the decision. Besides, you also can consult with experts

4 Ways to Use a Bed without A Box Spring 

To be honest, in the modern period most of the beds are designed without box spring features. In future companies will become forth from the making of box spring beds. There are many alternatives to box springs are available in the market. You can easily add them with your bed to use instead of box spring. 

Now come to the main point of our article. Our purpose in today’s article gives you some ideas that might be helpful for you to avoid box spring. For this reason, we find out some of the alternatives to it. In below, we will give brief information about some of them that may be an option for you instead of box spring: 

Bunkie Boards

It is a good alternative to box spring. You can add a bunkie board with the bed to get some facilities. It gives your bed a pleasure height that helps you to get a sound sleep. If the roof of your house is not so high then you should use bunkie boards instead of box spring with your bed. It also provides you more space under the bed. 


It can be an option to use with your bed instead of a box spring. Foundation has more durability rather than the box spring. It is also easy to adjust to your bed. Though the foundation is a little bit expensive, you can use one for a long time. Foundation rescues you from the frequent change of box spring. 

Metal Bed Frames

Metal bed frames also a good alternative of box spring. If you add metal frames with a bed, then you don’t need any box spring. Although you need to count a big amount of money to add a metal frame, it offers attractively designed with the long-lasting capability and under the space of bed. 

Adjustable Bed Frames

This is the most expensive substitute for box spring. The adjustable bed frame gives you a lot of facilities in your bed. Besides all other benefits, it has also great health value. An adjustable bed frame ensures good blood circulation in your body. So, it can be a wise option for them who are conscious of health. 

People using those options as alternatives for box spring in a long period. By adding one of them with your bed to avoid the use of a box spring. We hope this article will effective for you to know better about box spring and provides you the proper information to use a bed without it.


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