4 Box Spring Alternative Ideas

The Wooden Box Spring at homeIf you are looking for box spring alternative ideas, then you’ve landed on the right page. The article discusses alternatives to one of the most purchased and common beds i.e. box spring. The post contains a few unique, easy and budget-friendly alternatives of the box spring beds which give equal comfort to the users as provided by the box springs.

Suggestion of 4 Box Spring Alternative

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What is Box Spring

A Box Spring also is known as Divan and is typically a wooden base consisting of springs that are covered by a cloth and are placed to give support to the mattress and the person sleeping on it. The base, however, can be of a number of materials. The mattress is then placed on the frame. It can also be said that box spring is a supportive square which helps in lifting the mattress for the users.

There is two types of box spring, standard and low profile. Generally, the height of the standard box spring is 9” and low profile box spring height is between 5” to 6”. The low profile box spring is most popular because of its work well for the people those who are don’t want to sleep too height from the floor.

Why you need a Box Spring

These beds are mostly used in America and in some parts of Europe. Their use has been on a rise mainly due to a number of reasons. Box spring ensures proper support to the mattress to provide comfort to the users sitting or sleeping on it. Box spring also increases the height of the mattress to make the bed really comfortable for the users. It also absorbs the shock ensuring complete comfort to its users.

As stated above as well that there are a number of reasons for using Box Springs. Some of them are as follows:

Provides Proper Support to the Mattress

Having a solid wooden base, box spring provides proper support to the mattress to give long comfort to the users.

Provides Height to your Bed

Box Springs helps significantly in raising the height of your bed allowing the users to in getting in and out of the bed easier.

Absorbs Shock

It duly helps in increasing the life of the mattress by absorbing all the shocks which it might be getting from the users both knowingly and unknowingly.

4 Box Spring Alternative Ideas

Interestingly, there are a number of ways through which the same benefits can also be reaped out and that too without the use of box springs. These are the alternatives of box spring to bed you in some of the most comfortable ways. That would be a good support for a mattress without box spring. Let’s take a look at these alternatives:

Memory Foam Mattress

Memory Foam Mattress Box Spring

Memory foam mattresses can also be used without box springs because the viscos-elastic foam that they are made of is not only very supportive but also durable so it will not compress during the night and lose the support that you need to sleep.

Image Source: https://www.homestratosphere.com

Innerspring Mattress

Innerspring Mattress

It is also known as ‘coil spring mattress.’ This type of mattress has springs inside the mattress only and no need of extra bed spring is required if the user is looking for some sound sleep. The mattress can, however, be placed on any form of the base as the user may deem fit.

Image Source: https://www.wayfair.com


These do not form any special base but are mere wooden boards in the form of crossings along the width of the frame of the bed. However it also offers two options i.e. one with the most basic wooden frame and it can be combined with any of the options as stated above and secondly, there are slabs that are resting upon springs which can be adjusted per the needs of the individual. You can learn more about the Slats from this article.

Platform Bed

These beds form the perfect alternative to the box springs especially when the users are looking to buy box springs for the reason of it being tall. The same purpose is also fulfilled by the platform bed and they also look much better than them.

4 Custom Solutions for the box spring alternative

Box spring is definitely the best choice to add in your bedroom furniture but these alternatives too are a great way to replace the box spring while getting the same level of comfort.

DIY Bed Frame for Just $10

Depending upon the size of the room, make a frame for the bed after taking the right measurements. Give support in between the bed both vertically and horizontally with the help of wooden pieces.  And voila! Place the mica sheet on these wooden logs and then, place the mattress on the top and you are all set to go.

D.I.Y. the Wooden Box Spring at home

D.I.Y. the Wooden Box Spring at home

For this D.I.Y. wooden blocks, circular saw, electric drill, counter stick drill bit, staple gun and other materials for rebuilding the wooden box. Cut the wooden pieces according to the measurements of the bed. Now, screw the wooden pieces to the slats to support them leaving a little space on both ends. Built the outer box after it and add upholstery to it to place the mattress on it. The above shows it in details.

Check details (image source): https://www.instructables.com/id/ReBuilding-a-bed-foundation/

Another D.I.Y. Box Spring Under $30

Again after deciding the measurements of the bed required, wooden pieces are required to build the frame of the bed. Cut all the pieces of same size and place them inside the bed frame. Don’t forget to add the support in the center for keeping the wooden frame even. Paste a piece of fabric from left to right of the bed, so that you can roll the frames when required. Place the mattress on the top and it is all set for use. Use the above link for more details.

D.I.Y. Wooden Box Spring at a Height from the Ground

Another way is to build the box spring at some height from the ground using wooden pieces. The wooden pieces can be cut in the same size and then, assembled together as mentioned in the above-mentioned 3 ways.

Nothing, Use The Mattress Directly On The Floor

mattress on floor ideas
The simplest alternative to box spring is nothing at all. You can simply put the mattress on the floor as like a floor mattress and sleep peacefully on it. That’s a very easy way to make the bed without a box spring. The floor gives solid support to the mattress and keeps the person sleeping on it in a comfortable position.


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  • Bernard Bennell
    at 6:30 pm

    Back in 1964, I built a frame for my mattress with adequate cross supports, and placed a piece of 3 ply with perforations on top. This bed frame is still in use today. Goodbye silly boxsprings, the worst money waster ever.

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