Best way to get support for mattress without box spring?

Box spring works as additional support of a mattress. The direct placing of a mattress on the floor doesn’t look good. It also not hygienic for you. You can easily be affected by many diseases like fever, cough, etc. But using a box spring with the mattress you can avoid some of the problems.  

Box spring provides you a comfortable height to place the mattress. Based on your choice, you can use a high box spring or low box spring. It saves your mattress from the direct stretch of the floor. As a result, you remain free from the dust and wet of the floor. Box spring also brings some disturbance for you. In modern time box spring become unnecessary for mattresses because the user already started to avoid it.

In our today’s article, we will give you some explanation about mattress using. Read our article from beginning to end for knowing how to support a mattress without box spring and also many things about it.

Advantages and disadvantages of using box spring 

At first, we need to know the advantages and disadvantages of the floor mattress. It helps you to understand that you need a box spring or not. For this reason, in below we mention both of the advantages and disadvantages of box spring:

Advantages of Using Box Spring

  • Good for health: If you use a box spring with your mattress then it is good for health. Box spring is very much effective to maintain good health. It lessens various types of back hurts, joints, etc. bone pain.
  • Save your money: Box spring is very cheap. You can get one at a very low price where other alternatives of box spring are so much pricey. Easily you can find a box spring in your budget that variously helps your mattress.
  • Simple to maintain: You can easily able to maintain the box spring. It is very much adjustable to your bed. You also can move the box according to your demand.
  • Reduce the possibility of sagging: When the legs of your bed become weak then box spring saves it from the sagging. You cannot sleep or rest comforts if it occurs. By using a box spring with the mattress you can avoid the problem of sagging.
  • Ensure the durability: Box-spring decreases the pressure from the mattress. It works as a support of your mattress. Box spring increases the lasting period of mattresses. So, you can use a box spring with your mattress to get benefits. 

Disadvantages of Using Box Spring

  • Space shortage: If you use a box spring with mattress then you lose the under space of the bed. It is very difficult to adjust in a small living room. Most of the people expect to use the under space of bed but box spring denies it.
  • Need regular maintenance: We know that box spring is easy to maintain. But what about when you daily need to do the same task. Aren’t you bore? For this boringness issue, people start to avoid box spring with their mattresses. 
  • Extra cost: You need to buy a box spring separately. You can’t get them with a mattress. So, you need some extra budget for a box spring. Sometimes, it may be a burden for you to buy a mattress and box spring together.
  • Require to change the box: After a few days, you need to change the box and you bound to do that regularly. It will be both painful and costly for you. Many people take back from box spring for that issue. 

The best ways to get alternatives support for mattress without box spring

After reading those pros and cons of box spring, if you decided to don’t use it with mattress. Then the following part of our article become helpful for you. For doing this you will go for some alternatives they may serve you the facilities of box spring.

You need to place the mattress directly on the floor without box spring. You also can use platform beds instead of box spring. In our article, we make a list of some objects that you can use to support a mattress without box spring. Now carefully read our listed alternatives option in below: 

  • Adjustable Foundation: It is known as the best substitute for box spring that you can use with your mattress. The adjustable foundation is very simple to adjust to your mattress. You can adjust it according to the size of the mattress. You are also able to customize it in your comfort position. The adjustable foundation offers you some extra facilities like Bluetooth, reading lights, messaging vibrations and so on. But you need to pay a big amount of money to get one.
  • Mattress Foundation: It is designed for today’s luxurious mattresses like space-age polymer mattresses, high-tech memory foam, latex, etc. It is also made by both wood and metal. It’s covered with a fabric layer. Mattress foundation gives you an appropriate height for sleeping or rest. Nine inches is a good height for placing your mattress. There are low height foundation also available.
  • Bed Slats: You can use bed slats with a mattress over box spring because it has lots of advantages. There are two types of bed slats are available. One is wooden and the other is metal. Bed slats are cheap rather than box spring. It is also easy to move and replace. Somehow, any parts of bed slats are broken you just need to change this part, not whole slats. If the same case happening with the box spring you need to change the entire part of it. You also can customize bed slats according to your mattress and bed sizes. For those reasons, people use bed slats with mattresses instead of box spring.
  • Bunkie Boards: Bunkie board can be a good option for you to use with mattresses. Generally, it is recommended for that room which has less space. By using a bunkie board you can use the under space of bed. Bunkie board is simple to adjust with mattress rather than bed spring. Like bed slats, it has also both wooden and metal forms. You can choose any of them according to your budget. Bunkie boards use as a good alternative of box spring over the years.

Those things are used by people over the year instead of box spring. You can use any of them to support your mattress without box spring. Now, it’s all up to you would you use box spring or not. We hope our article will help you.


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