How to Make a Floor Bed (3 Simple Way)

There are so many reasons why we may need to use a floor bed in our homes. You may be thrilled by the feeling of camping and decide to make one in your living room, or you may have guests and you need to provide a place they can sleep. You may also have had sleepless nights resulting from body pains, and you want to try another method.

Eco friendly bedroom with floor bed

Whatever the reason, it is good to be educated on why and how to make a good floor bed.

A floor bed is simply a mattress or any other padding put on the floor without the use of a bed frame.

It is a cheaper, easier and more convenient type of bed to make. You don’t need anything to make a floor bed other than space and a mattress or a pad.

Benefits of Using a Floor Bed

Using a floor bed is truly beneficial. Below are some of the benefits.

Improved Blood Circulation

When you sleep on a floor bed, your body tends to align perfectly in a natural posture; and as a result, the pressure will be evenly distributed from the mattress to the whole body. This will make the muscles more relaxed, and the circulation of blood around the body is enhanced.

Less Body Pain and Risk of Spinal Disease

Sleeping on a floor bed reduces the chances of body pain. The natural posture and firm support from the bed make the muscles relaxed. Scoliosis − an unnatural curving of the spinal cord − is also avoided when one sleeps on a floor bed.

A Cooler Sleep

Air is cooler at places closer to the ground than places high above the ground. Sleeping on a floor bed gives us a cool sound sleep.

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How to Make a Floor Bed

Making a floor bed is not in any way difficult. You can follow these 3 easy ways to make a floor bed.

  1. The first method is very simple. Just place your bed in a convenient space. You can put a blanket or yoga mat underneath it to keep it still and silent. You can also set the mattress against the wall to probably prevent your pillow from falling off. Lay your bed sheet and you are good to go.
  2. You can make use of pillowcases. Join about four pillowcases together by sewing the long edges of the pillowcases. Ensure that the open ends are all facing the same direction. The result is an array of four pillowcases together. Now, put in the pillows and have a sound sleep. You can join two of this pillowcases-bed side by side if you are of a bigger size.
  3. You can use mattresses fitted for this purpose. The Floor mattress, Foldable mattresses, Portable mattresses, and even inflatable mattresses. These can be folded or made smaller for convenient keeping; and when you’re ready to use them, you can just stretch them out or pump them into a full mattress.

Before leaving, I want to share a video by “My Outcast State” who has a video about how to make a floor bed on his Youtube Channel. His style can be different than us, but check this video, you may like it.


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