Parachute just launched its first game-changer mattress

Parachute just launched its first game-changer mattress

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When the whole world is talking about healthy sleep and organic substances, Parachute actually combined those two into a soft sleep producing mattress.

The people who were lucky enough to test this new mattress found it to be so soft and comfortable that they literally felt like sleeping on a cloud.

This only tells us that Parachute, the Los-Angeles based company is not joking around and has truly manufactured its first sleeping mattress model, which is a total game changer.

What’s it made of?

Parachute founder, Ariel Kaye told in an interview that they wanted a mattress that is without adhesives, synthetic finishes, chemical flame retardants, foam, and also without latex.

Hence, they created a mattress with 100% organic cotton, New-Zealand wool, and tempered steel.

Founder Kaye also told that the Parachute mattress is handcrafted, hand-tufted, extremely soft, and does not make the sleeper hot. Apart from this, the mattress also has thirteen inches of pocketed and micro coils.

It is like a perfect combination of softness and support, and that too without needing any kind of box springs.

The mattress assumes the body position of the sleeper and provides maximum relaxation to the pressure points of the body. The back is well taken care of too and the comfortable support plays a great role in maintaining a long night’s sleep.

Also, the edges of the mattress are well designed to provide great balance while sitting on the edge of the mattress. Moreover, even though the mattress is meant to be covered inside the room, it looks extremely beautiful, thanks to the stylish and stunning finish.

What’s it worth?

The first mattress from Parachute is not to be taken lightly, not in the quality-wise, and certainly not in case of its pricing. However, it is definitely a heart breaker to know that the price of the mattress is just as high as its quality.

In any case, with the high price comes equally comforting service. Here too, any mattress purchased is carefully delivered to the customer’s bedroom and is replaced with the old mattress.
The company also has a 90-day sleep trial policy, where you can test the bed for 90 days before finally deciding to buy it and also offers a 10-year limited time warranty on the product.

The price range for your twin and twin XL mattress sizes start from $1299. Whereas the price ranges for your king and California king mattress sizes start from $2199. The prices of the mattress may be high, but it is definitely worth it. If you are looking for a cheap twin mattress then you can check this post but we hope the quality of Parachute mattress would be very good for long night sleep.


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