Sleeping on the Floor Mattress : How To, Good and Bad

The idea of sleeping on the floor is not so commendable. The floor is the dirtiest place of a room. In this perspective, it is not an ideal place for sleeping. If you asking your guests to sleep on the floor he/she might take it as an insult.

But if there is not enough space in the room or you have a money crisis then what should you do? A floor mattress may be a good solution for you in that situation. A standard floor mattress gives comfort while you sleeping on the floor. But keep in mind that, if your bed/mattress is not good or too thin then it can be the reason for back hurt when someone lay down, especially for the first time.

Almost we all think that every mattress is appropriate for sleeping on the floor. But it is a misconception. Sleeping mattresses are different from ordinary mattresses. They are designed in a certain way that gives comfort while you sleeping. To sleep on the floor mattress, you should buy the proper one.

There is both good and bad of sleeping on the floor mattress. Now, we discuss both positive and negative aspects of it:

Good Sides of Sleeping on the Floor Mattress

There are some good sides to sleeping on the floor. Even, in this century lots of people from various countries sleeping that way.

Ø  Place a perfect alignment among different parts of the body: Sleeping on the floor mattress keeps a good alignment among the different parts of your body. It creates a perfect alignment among the head, shoulder, and spine of your body. This good shape of those parts has a great impact on your body.

Ø  Give nice feelings during warm weather: It gives you a good feeling in the summer season. It is very much effective when the temperature of your room is so high. If you live in a tin shade house sleeping on the floor mattress can be a better option rather than a warm bed. In summer all around the world, people like to sleep on the floor mattress.

Ø  Ensure the natural curve of the spine: Unnatural curve of spine increase the risk of ‘scoliosis’ which can create pain in your body. Sleeping on the floor mattress keeps you safe from those by ensuring the natural curve of the spine. Lots of people get a cure from that through this practice.

Ø  Blood circulation: Sleeping on the floor mattress ensure a good blood circulation among all the parts of your body. As a result, you enjoy a balanced blood circulation and remain hale by doing that regularly.

Ø  Hormone circulation: Like blood circulation sleeping on the floor mattress also helps you to transit all types of hormone in your body. A good hormone circulation keeps your mind and body fresh.

Ø  Inexpensive: Most of the mattresses are cheap than the bed. You don’t need much money to buy a mattress. Mattresses are also easily adjustable in your room than a bed. If you have a money crisis we prefer to buy a mattress because it is cheap and easily adjustable.

Ø  Lessen the lower back pain: Many people believe that they benefitted from back pain problems by sleeping on the floor mattress. The hard surface creates pressure on the back parts of your body and this pressure takes away pain from the body. It is also effective to removes other pains.

Ø  Helps to avoid the wrong sleeping position: Generally, we are not used to sleeping in a proper way. Those wrong position of sleeping creates many types of pain in our body. But if you sleep on the floor mattress that will be so effective to sleep in a better position which is comfortable for your body.

Ø  Brings a change: Usually, we are sleeping on the bed but if we bring a change by sleeping on the floor mattress it is not a bad deal. Your body can adopt a new method of sleeping by doing that and it will be also good for your body’s parts.

Ø  Serve more energy: Sleeping on the hard surface makes your body stronger and day by day you became an energetic person. You also find a positive change in your productivity by doing this continuously.

Ø  Give the feel of serenity: Sleeping on the floor mattress gives you full tranquility than the bed. You can feel much better and rested by sleeping here.

Bad Sides of Sleeping on the Floor Mattress

Not suitable for older and children: It is not good for the health of older and children. We all know that the immune system of them are not so strong. By sleeping on the floor mattress, they can easily be affected by various diseases.

Not so hygienic: Sleeping on the floor mattress is not so hygienic for your health. Though in the above we mentioned some of the benefits of it but to be honest all of them are not medically proven. If you continue this practice during a long period then it can cause serious issues for your health.

You can’t sleep in winter and rainy season: During winter surface became colder while in the rainy season it remains wet. In these two seasons, it’s not possible to sleep on the floor mattress because that time you can be the easiest victim of different types of cold disease or germ. You need an alternative plan for those seasons.

Wise to avoid who has a cold or allergic problem: If you have a cold or allergic problem then it will be better for you to don’ sleep on the floor mattress. Because this sleeping habit will suffer you a lot. Cold and allergic problem is increasing due to sleeping on the floor mattress.

Space scarcity: If there is not enough space in the room than you can’t effort a mattress for floor sleeping. Place a mattress on the floor you need some space for comfortable sleep. It is difficult to adjust it without enough space.

Not comfortable for side sleepers: If you are a back sleeper than sleep on the floor mattress is comfortable for you but it is very much uncomfortable for a side sleeper. Side sleepers feel a lot of pressure on their shoulders and hips when they sleep on the floor mattress. Side sleepers also can feel pain after sleeping on the floor mattress.

It creates an uncomfortable situation: It is not a comfortable situation to sleep with other family members or friends on the floor mattress because there is always a space shortage. Those have kids they fall in trouble to cope with it.

Cost of buying good mattresses: Good mattresses are always expensive. Often it crosses the cost of buying a bed. It is almost impossible for them to buy a good mattress with low income.

Daily mattress fixing issue: If you like to sleep on the floor mattress then become ready to do some extra task before and after sleeping. Every day before sleeping you should need to clean the floor and then place the mattress. After sleep, you need to pick off the mattress and again clean the floor. You will be bored to do these regularly.

Dust problem: It is a very common problem you have to face while sleeping on the floor mattress. The floor is the place of room where people always walk. So clearly it is the dustiest place of the room. If you have a dust allergic problem then don’t sleep on the floor mattress.

Possibility of bug and insects attack: Sleeping on the floor mattress is one kind of sending an invitation to welcome different types of bugs and insects. Mosquitoes are ready to bite you the whole night unless you use a curtain.

Sleeping on the floor mattress is not a new concept. It has both good and bad sides. You need to understand that sleeping on the floor mattress is good or bad for your health. You can continue this practice if it gives you comfort otherwise avoid it. We suggest you always ask a doctor before do that.

How to Sleeping on the Floor Mattress

Direct lay down on the floor can cause pain in the joints of bone. To sleep on the floor mattress you should follow some steps. These steps are helping you to get sound sleep from here:

ü  Find out space: At first, you need to find out a proper space that is comfortable for sleeping. Always try to select a wide and clean space because you can’t have sound sleep in a narrow and dirty space of your room.

ü  Clean the floor: Before place the mattress on the floor, you always need to clean it. A dirty floor is well known as the fort of microbe. Easily you can be affected in various diseases from here. It is good if you clean up the floor again after pick of it.

ü  Place your mattress: After cleaning up the floor you can place the mattress. In our article, we also give some suggestions that might help you to buy a mattress. Always try to buy the mattress as per your requirement and the size of the room.

ü  Use a pillow: It is all up to you which type of pillow you like to use for sleeping. It can be softer/ harder or thinner/ fatty. That kind of pillow should be picked up for sleep which gives you more ease. If you feel better without pillow then don’t need to use a pillow for sleeping on the floor mattress.

ü  Sleep in your comfortable position: We recommend you to back sleep which is the most comfortable position to sleep on a floor mattress. It doesn’t mean that you are forced to sleep like this. Feel free to sleep here in your comfortable position.

ü  Use a curtain: You always need to use a curtain while sleeping on the floor mattress. Curtain save you from the attack of mosquitoes or other bug and insects.

Mattress Sizes:

We can divided mattresses into four sizes according to their range. In the table below, we mentioned those sizes with range:

Mattress SizesSize RangeSpacious
Single Size Mattress(72*36) to (75*36)For Child
Double Size Mattress(72*48) to (75*60)For Adult
Queen Size Mattress(72*60) to (78*60)For Couple
King Size Mattress(72*72) to (78*72)For Child & Couple

Types of Mattress:

Generally, four types of mattresses are available in the market. For your kind information in below we mention those types of mattresses with some important features that might help you buy perfect one according to your demand:

Mattress FeaturesFoam Mattress:Memory Foam Mattress:Coir Mattress:Spring Mattress:
Made ofFoamOpen-cell structure and foamCoconut coir processed with latexSpring and small coils
Safe and healthyYesYesYes
Back pain comfortYesYesYes
No motion transferYesYesYes
PricingHighVery highLowMedium

You need to keep in mind your necessity and budget to buy a perfect floor sleeping mattress. Remember that sound sleep highly dependent on a good mattress. This information can be helpful for you to make the correct decision.

How to Pick the Right Mattress for Sleeping on the Floor

It is very confusing for a person to select a proper mattress for him/her. Here we suggest some of the questions you should try to find out the answers for making a perfect buy:

  • Have you any kids?
  • Do you share your mattress with anyone?
  • How much your height?
  • Can mattress fit into your room?
  • How do you usually sleep?

Think properly to find out the answers to these questions before buying a floor sleeping mattress. We hope those provided information in this article will be useful for you. You also can consult with experts before taking any decision about sleeping floor mattresses.


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