What Countries Sleep On The Floor?

We need to sleep like as we need food, water, and oxygen to lead our life. We cannot think a day without sleeping because it is directly connected with both our mental and physical health. You will be surprised to hear that we consume one-third of our lifetime by sleeping.

What countries sleep on the floor?

You will be a wonder to read that many biological processes happen during our sleep. Let’s have a look at them:

  • Your nerve cells communicated with each other during that period. It makes the brain function stronger.
  • Brain saves new information and also rid of toxic destruction during your sleeping time.
  • It will also allow your body to get a restart and also helps to restore wasted energy.
  • You also receive a mental relief and refreshment when you sleep.

There are lots of problems you will be faced if you don’t get enough time for sleeping. Your all day will be waste by dozing. Dozing affects your working hours dangerously and you lost your productivity. Sleeplessness is also very harmful to your mental and physical health. It makes your mode crusty.

Earlier above-mentioned works are done by your brain and body when you sleep. Sleep is very much important for your health. A sound night sleep can able to give you a good day. Sleep helps you to use your full productivity when you work. It also gives your mode a nice feeling. You are always energetic and chill if you have proper sleep. For those reasons, every person needs to ensure proper sleep.

Sleeping habits from all over the world

There are lots of sleeping habits that are common around the world. Those habits vary from country to country. Every country has its sleeping habits which also mixed their culture for very long period practices. It depends on their lifestyle, working times, and also some other factors. In this article, we try to uphold some region sleeping habits. Here they are:

American Region

In this region, people refer to sleep late night and wake up after sometimes of sunrises. Some people also like to take short naps throughout the day. Though the sleeping patterns and styles also have a little bit different among this region countries.

Europe Region

Europeans are very much conscious about their sleeping time. They always try to utilize their bedtime. Many people from Europe different countries like to sleep naked. It will give them a pressure-free sound sleep they think like.

Asian Region

In this region, people like to sleep more. They don’t feel embarrassed to sleep in front of others. Some people also complete their short nap in their workplaces or public transport.

Sleeping habits from all over the world - Asian Region

Those are the very common sleeping practices in every region of the world. Besides those mentioned regions others are also used to with those sleeping habits.

People like to complete their sleep mainly in two ways:

  1. Sleeping on the bed.
  2. Sleeping on the floor.

Today our discussion topic is which countries people like to sleep on the floor. After research, we found that there are not any specific country doing that randomly. Sleeping style or system varies from person to person. You like to sleep on the bed it means don’t your friend think so. Your friend has a different view. So, he/ she also can prefer to sleep on the floor.
Those people who prefer to sleep on the floor rather than the bed. There is some reason for them to choose that. Have a look those reasons first:

Sleeping on the floor is cheaper than bed

You need to spend your money on sleeping on a bed. Some people cannot effort it. But if you sleep on a floor than you can able to adjust it with the cost of rent without bed you can complete your sleep just a blanket and pillow.

Comfortable for more people

Your bed has a capacity range. Some bed has single, double, thrice men capacity. But when some of the friends or guests come to your house and they decided to stay what should you do then. Don’t worry. Just use your mattress on the floor and get a sound sleep.

Save space

If your room has a small space then you can’t adjust a bed there. In that situation, you have only an option available and that is sleeping on the floor just with a blanket or mattress.

Good for the body

Some people think that sleeping on the floor is good for health. Though it is not proven by medical science some people personal experiences say that it will decrease your back pain problem.

Which region do people prefer to sleep on the floor more?

Japanese people sleepless around the world while Dutches sleep most. Sleeping on the floor is a very common practice in developing and poor countries. In Asia and African regions, people like to sleep on the floor more than Europe, the American region. But sleeping on the floor practice is very popular all over the world. There are many factors behind choosing sleep on the floor that we mentioned in the earlier part of this article.


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