Taiyucover Anti-Skid Dustproof Sofa Slipcovers

Taiyucover sofa slipcover is fashion simple soft moderate breathable four season general cover.

This sofa cover is applicable to sofa which there is a gap between seat with backrest and armrest that means sectional sofa.

Features of products:

It is left side and right side sectional sofa cover. And L- shaped sofa cover is 2 pieces that composed of 2 parts separately.

This premium quality cover is easy to put on and very comfortable.

It made of 99% polyester and 8 % spandex fabric.

It is a sectional sofa cover which there is a gap between seat backrest and armrest.

Design and color:

It designed for 99% home suitable sofa that making the sofa more beautiful.

It provides stretchable, Anti- wrinkle, Anti- bite and solid color.

Multiple colors provide this item. Black, Coffee, Gray, Navy are 4 available color of this sofa cover.

Materials & comfort:

Polyester and spandex fabric constructed this cover that is simply so soft, breathable and anti- wrinkle.

The fabric is very stretchy and super elastic.

Size & Dimensions:

2-seater sofa,

L- Shaped sofa( 2-seater sofa + 2-seater sofa),

L- Shaped sofa( 2-seater sofa + 3-seater sofa),

L- Shaped sofa( 3-seater sofa + 2-seater sofa),

L- Shaped sofa( Large 3-seater sofa + Large 3-seater sofa),

L- Shaped sofa( 3-seater sofa + 3-seater sofa), large 3-seater sofa/ 4-seater sofa, armchair sofa and 3-seater sofa are available size.

L-shaped sofa’s( 2-seater sofa+ 3-seater sofa) one cover’s length is between 55 to 74 inches and the other is between 74 to 90 inches.

33 to 55 inches fit for armchair sofa cover, 55 to 74 inches for 2-seater sofa cover, 74 to 90 is for 3-seater sofa cover and 90 to 118 is for 4-seater sofa cover are available dimension.


This product helps to protect furniture from stains, pet hair and damage. It not only protects furniture but also ensuring it last for years.

The pets can’t destroy this cover at all as he used to destroy other leather couch.


  • It is anti-skin dustproof cove.
  •  Home suitable sofa cover that is good alternative to buy new couch and it can make home more beautiful.


  •       The unfortunate part for the customer which he shared that the Styrofoam pieces that supposed to keep the cover in place and looking nice but do not stays in place.
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