Tuft & Needle creates the low-cost mattress named Nod, which exclusively for Amazon

Popular mattress brand, Tuft & Needle recently introduced its latest mattress addition named Nod, exclusively for Amazon customers. The brand aims to deliver a high-quality product at a price that is convenient for all. Read the article on Tuft and Needle mattress review if you want to know more about their mattress.

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The brand’s co-founder, JT Marino, promised that Nod is an exceptional mattress truly built for a comfortable good night’s sleep.

He also addressed the fact that the product is fairly priced and the company is finally proud to charge the customers what they need and not what they can.

Making of NOD

Tuft & Needle made sure that Nod, the third mattress model to be added to their collection, is made to deliver perfect comfort. It is designed to get adjusted to the sleeper’s body pressure points while providing strong support to the back and spine.

Tuft & Needle creates the low-cost mattress named Nod, which exclusively for Amazon

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Nod comprises of two main layers, which are made from certiPUR, US certified premium polyurethane foam crafted in US itself.

The top layer is designed to relax the sleeper’s pressure points and assume the body shape of the sleeper for a comfortable sleep. While the lower layer is designed to provide strong constant back support all night.

Apart from this, Nod features an open foam construction that allows free flow of air through the mattress. The free flow of air helps any person sleeping to breath easily and comfortably even during the deepest sleeping sessions.

Benefits and Price Range

Just like the original Tuft & Needle Mattress and the Min Mattress, Nod to fit most of the bedframes and foundations. Also, Tuft & Needle back up Nod with its Risk-Free 100 Night Sleep Trial and a 10-year limited warranty.

Therefore, it won’t be wrong to say that customers now have an extended option of choosing the most perfect Tuft & Needle mattress for themselves.

Coming to the pricing of the product, Tuft & Needle has already mentioned that the products are charged based on what they need to and not what they can. Hence, all Nod sizes are accordingly priced.

The twin size is available for $275 only, while the twin XL can be bought for $295.

Apart from this, the full-size Nod is available for $350, the queen size for $395 and finally, the Kind and Cal King Nod sizes are available for $495 only.


The exclusive mattress model named Nod by Tuft & Needle is surely a delightful treat for every Amazon customer.

The mattress can be bought online from Amazon only and there are no other retail merchants who can sell this product in the market directly.

Nod, by Tuft & Needle is an excellent mattress choice. It is truly designed for comfort and delivering the perfect good night sleep.

Also, Nod is everything a dream mattress can be, it is big in size, affordable in price, comfortable in sleep and is available online, just like a perfect mattress.


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