What Is The Smallest Size Sofa?

What is the smallest size sofa?

Sofas are one of the most important pieces of furniture for use. They are commonly used in houses and offices. Different sizes and types of sofas are available in modern days. You need to choose the perfect size sofa for use.

Mainly we select sofas size according to our available space. Those who live in a larger space room can purchase a big width and length sofa for their rooms’. On the other hand, those who have limited space should go for a small size sofa. In this article, we will discuss briefly the small size sofas.

It is quite impossible to specify the smallest size sofa because there are so many sizes and types of sofas are available in the market. Most of the small size sofas are perfect for two persons. Generally, a small size sofa comes with one, two, or without arms. Averagely with the arm, small sofas are 142 centimeters width and without the arm, small sofas are 114 centimeters in width.

Both of these small sofas are around 95 centimeters in depth on average. Their seat sizes are also smaller than the typical sofas. You get 60 centimeters seats for small size sofas. Some of the small size sofas offer storage facilities to the users too. Users can store their clothes, magazines, and other materials underneath it.

Small size sofas are quite different from the typical sizes sofas. Below we make a table that might be helpful for you to easily understand the differences between them: 

DifferencesSmall Sizes SofaTypical Sizes Sofa
DefinitionUpholstered seating furniture specifically designed to accommodate two persons only.Upholstered seating furniture with back and armrests designed for more than one person.
Also Known AsCourting chair, mini- sofa, loveseats.Couch, settee.
Seating Capacity and LengthCan seat up to two persons only and around sixty inches in length.Can seat up to three or more persons and averagely eighty-four inches in length.
Main PurposeMainly to seat a courting couple to have an intimate conversation.Mainly for comfortable sitting.
Original PurposeOriginally as a small sofa for women in the era when their dresses were bulky.Originally for sitting.
Secondary UsesCan serve as a small sofa in small spaces or to complement full-sized sofas.Doubles for sleeping.
VariantsTete- a- tete, British two-seater.Sofa bed, day bed, futon, chaise longue, chesterfield, divan, fainting couch, loveseat.

Different Types of Small Sofas

Small sofas are a blessing for those people who live in small rooms or apartments. They fitted well in small-sized bedrooms, guestrooms, living rooms, seating rooms, waiting rooms, reception, and other places where so many spaces not available for furniture. Small sofas are great for seating and gossiping closely. Here we discuss different types of small size sofas: 

3-Piece Sectional Sofas

These type of sofas are the smart choice for small spaces. 3-piece sectional sofas are made in L- shapes for saving more spaces. Generally, a 3-piece sectional sofa is78 inches to 88 inches length and 37 inches to 40 inches in depth. Besides it, they also added a nice shape to your small room and allow you to optimize the free spaces for other essential furniture. To be honest they are one of the best smallest sizes sofas for minimum spaces rooms. 

Reversible Sectional Sofas

Versatility makes reversible sectional sofas more effective for small spaces. You can easily rearrange the lounge section of it from one to the other side. This feature makes it more customizable and user-friendly. Reversible sectional sofas allow the users to reshape them according to their wish and necessity. At the same time, they are also very comfortable for seating and using them in small spaces.

Sleeper Sectional Sofas

Into a small space room, you need such type of sofas that can help you in multiple ways. Sleeping sectional sofas is one of them. You can use them as a cozy bed too for sleeping. So, you need to waste extra space for keeping beds in your small space. It can be ideal for a single person who lives in a small space room and also who regularly host guests overnight. 

Loveseat Sofas

Loveseat sofas are well known for small spaces using. They are specifically designed for the two persons.  Averagely loveseat sofas are 58 inches to 64 inches wide. and 28 to 30 inches deep. So, you don’t require much space to fit it into your room. Loveseats sofas are also available in various designs and sizes. 

Settee Sofas

They are almost the same as loveseats. But the basic difference between them that settees allow three to four persons for seating while loveseats offer only two persons to seat on it. Settee sofas are also useful for small spaces use. Though you need a little bit more spaces for settee sofas than the loveseats they are still saving your spaces.

We are very sure that our article gives you a clear view of the smallest size sofa. We hope our providing information will be helpful in your practical life.


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