What Mattress Toppers Do Hotels Use?

It is known that the hotel business completely depends on the guests’ satisfaction. Hotels are always trying to grab the guest’s attention by ensuring them the best services. Hotel beds are one of the most important factors in this business. In this article, we will discuss what mattress toppers do hotels use for their beds.

What Mattress Toppers Do Hotels Use

Every hotel spends so many dollars to make their beds more luxurious and unique than the other competitors. For that reason, hotels are used expensive toppers for their mattress to make it more comfortable and enjoyable to the guests. Mattress toppers help them to customize the beds according to the guests’ demands and comforts.

What Type of Mattress Toppers Do Hotels use?

Their mattress toppers are very good in quality and contain lots of modern features to fulfill the guest’s desires. Below we listed some of the key features of hotels using mattress toppers. Let’s start our discussion about standard hotels’ mattress toppers:


Generally, after a few months’ using mattress starts sagging problems and lose their firmness. In those circumstances, sleepers don’t get comfortable sleep on it. This problem is more common for hotel mattresses because they are used by various people with different weights and sleeping position. It is not possible to frequent change their mattresses due to the high cost. To cope with that situation hotels use quality toppers for their mattresses. Comfortably a topper can be used around five to more years. Toppers increase the lifespan of their mattresses and give them relief from the frequent changing of the mattress. It reduces their expenses too. At the same time, toppers make their hotel’s mattresses cushier to the guests. 

Conforming and Aligning Ability

We all know that lack of proper support during sleep increases the risk of back or other body pains. Mattress support is not enough for the sleepers to solve these issues. That’s why hotels are choosing a good brand’s toppers for their mattress. Hotels usually use those types of toppers which can conform more closely to the body and capable to align the spine and other body parts properly. These toppers provide the guest balance support and equally distributed their body’s weight. Hotel’s mattress toppers increase the sleep quality of the guests and also decrease the risk of the body’s and spine’s pain. 


Hotels have used those types of mattress toppers which helps the sleeper to take breath comfortably while sleeping on it. These toppers have top layers infused with cooling materials such as copper, graphite, or gel, and their covers made of mesh material, rayon from bamboo, organic cotton, and other breathable materials. These breathable materials made toppers keep the sleeper’s cool despite hot temperatures and prevent sweating. So, often they used high-quality toppers for their mattresses that ensure easy breathing process and provide guests a comfortable sleep at night. 

Motion Isolation

Different weights of people are sleeping on a hotel mattress. If their mattress creates a sinking problem for the movements or tosses then guests feel uncomfortable sleeping on it. So, hotels use high-quality toppers for their mattresses to avoid motion isolation related issues. Their mattress toppers are designed to absorb motion to provide a comfortable sleep to the couple guests. For that reason, while someone moves in the mattress then others don’t feel it and both get sound sleep. Hotel mattress toppers should need this motion isolation characteristic. 

Size and Weight

Hotels choose their toppers size according to the mattress length and width. There are six sizes of mattresses: twin, twin XL, full, queen, king, and California king are commonly used by the hotels. They also used the same sizes toppers for each mattress. Among these twin XL and California, king sizes toppers are not often used for the hotel’s mattress. They are always careful to make sure the topper size they use that should match their mattresses. The Mattress toppers weight determines its density. So, it is important to select the right sizes and weight toppers for the hotel mattress. The right combination of both mattresses and toppers provides guests with sound and comfortable sleep on a hotel bed. The combination of the right sizes and weights toppers for a hotel mattress make it more comfortable. 

Noise, Dust, and Insects

Noise, dust, and insects create so much disturbance for the sleepers. Guests don’t get sound sleep due to these issues. So, it is very important to use such kinds of toppers that prevent noise dust, and insects. Nowadays, all of the high-quality mattress toppers are capable to prevent noise, dust, and insects. They are also effective to fix other mattress bugs. Undoubtedly, hotels are preferring those toppers for mattresses which can solve these issues and makes their mattresses more comfortable for guest’s sleep. 

Including these their lots of features are adding in hotels’ mattress toppers. In simple, hotels are preferred to use rich features mattress toppers to keep their beds always ready for welcoming guests. 

Though the use of mattress toppers varies from hotel to hotel. Different hotels use different types of materials made toppers for their mattresses. When you spend your holiday in five-star hotels then it provides you more luxurious bedding facilities than a two- or three-star hotel.


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