Can You Use Extra Firm Mattress Topper for Soft Mattress?

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The simple answer to this question is ‘yes’, you can use extra firm mattress toppers for the soft mattress. Though it depends on lots of factors. But an extra firm mattress is useable with your soft mattress. When you feel your soft mattress a little softer than expected in that situation an extra firm mattress topper can be a top-notch solution to improve your mattress condition.

Extra firm mattress toppers are thicker and firmer than the average toppers. Due to the thickness and density generally firm mattress toppers are slightly heavier. Though you can select the thickness and density level of your topper according to the requirements of your mattress. Extra firm mattress toppers are very effective to make your soft mattress more comfortable. They are more supportive of the soft mattress.

The popularity of extra firm mattress toppers’ increasing day by day. You can easily get an extra firm mattress topper at an affordable price. Nowadays, lots of features are available with an extra firm mattress. Familiar bedding brands are manufacturing and work for the development of it. They help you to use your soft mattress features more efficiently by making it more customizable. Extra firm mattress toppers also effective to get relief from back or other body pain issues. 

In below, we mention some of the positive changes that can bring by an extra firm mattress topper to your soft mattress for improving the condition of it:


When you using an extra firm topper with your soft mattress then surely it will increase the durability of your mattress. An extra firm mattress topper is transforming it into a solid surface. As a result, it can tolerate more pressure easily without creating any sinking problem. The extra firm mattress makes your soft mattress more capable to carry away all of the sleepers’ body pressure nicely. For this reason, your soft mattress doesn’t lose its thickness very quickly. By using an extra firm topper with your soft mattress, you can use them for a long period. 

Body’s Proper Alignment

The proper alignment of all of our body’s part is very important during sleep. Proper aligning of your body’s part allows them to perform more smoothly and strongly while you working on the day. It is also improving your blood circulation and immune system and keep you healthy. At the same time, proper alignment of all of our body’s part is a good sign for your spine and brain. 

A soft mattress isn’t able to align all of your body parts properly because of their thinness characteristics. Sleeping on a soft mattress increases the risk of affected by the back or other body pain related issues too. But if you use an extra firm topper with your soft mattress then it can improve both firmness and thickness of it. Extra-firm toppers help the mattress to contour your body’s curve in a good way too. So, you can use an extra firm topper with your mattress for aligning your body parts properly. 

Sleep quality

To be honest sleep quality is a matter of personal preference. Some people like to sleep on a soft surface, others prefer a hard surface for sleep. It is varying from person to person. One thing we must say, if you don’t happy with your soft mattress then you should try an extra firm topper with it. 

When a heavy person sleeps on a soft mattress then it cannot hold his/ her body pressure strongly. As a result, it starts sinking and sagging. Who shares their mattress with their partners they may suffer for the high motion transfer rate of a soft mattress. They can feel all the tosses and movements of their partners while sleeping together in a soft mattress. The soft mattress also creating a disturbance in the sex period of a couple. If you facing all or any of the problems with your soft mattress then you should need to use an extra firm topper with your soft mattress to improve your sleep quality. 

Extra-firm toppers are good enough to improve both your sleep and mattress condition. It added extra firmness and thickness with your mattress and prevent sagging, sinking, and motion transfer related problems. So, to get quality and comfortable sleep on your soft mattress it is ideal to use an extra firm topper with it. 

Generally, extra firmness mattress toppers made from memory foam or latex. Because these materials made toppers are more responsive and pretty firm than the other materials made toppers. Usually, toppers are around 2-6 inches thick.

If your mattress is too soft then you can use 3-4 inches thick toppers with your mattress to get the exact firmness. But we always suggest you select toppers firmness according to the mattress softness level. You should keep in mind that; extreme level of topper firmness hampers your sleeping comforts too. 


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