What Thickness Mattress Topper Should I Get?

Mattress toppers are so much useful for your mattress. They added some extra features to your mattress and also enhance the comfort level so much. But getting the full benefits from a topper you need to choose the proper one for your mattress. The thickness level of a mattress topper is so much important for a user. Because each thickness level has its own benefits.

The 3-inches thickness mattress toppers you should get for the mattress but that consideration depend on various factors. The 2-inches topper can make your hard mattress softer and the 4-inches topper totally change the feel of your mattress.

Today, we will discuss the right thickness level of mattress toppers for the users, and so on about it. So, ready to enrich your knowledge with us by reading this article attentively: 

3 Things Keep In Mind to Pick Mattress Topper Thickness

You should remember those three things to pick the mattress topper thickness: 

Confirm Mattress Size and Type

You need to confirm your mattress size because it helps you to find out the accurate size of toppers for your mattress. An accurate size of mattress topper easily fits with your mattress. This information is also important for you to select the thickness level of your mattress topper. 

Determine the Condition of Your Mattress

You should also keep in mind the present condition of your mattress before selecting the thickness level of mattress toppers. You need to choose the thickness level of your mattress toppers by considers the firmness, thickness, weight, quality, etc. variables of your mattress. These variables help you to find out what thickness level require for your topper. 

Consider Mattress Density

It is also important to consider the density of your mattress before choosing the thickness level of a topper. Because the thickness level of mattress toppers also dependent on your mattress density. Two inches thickness of the toppers is commonly used for any density’s mattress. It also can vary on the quality and condition of the mattress. 

Importance of Mattress Toppers Thickness 

There are lots of many importance of mattress toppers thickness. Here we highlighted some of them: 

  • To Change the Level of Softness or Hardness.
  • To Renovate an Old Mattress.
  • To Change the Nature of a Mattress.
  • For Medical Reasons.
  • To Increases the Height of a Mattress.

Mattress Toppers Thickness Range 

Generally, mattress toppers thickness remains in 2 to 4 inches. Other inches thickness levels are also available but they are rarely used. Here we explain to you two, three, and four inches thickness level of a mattress topper which is commonly used: 

2-Inches Thick Mattress Toppers

Two inches mattress toppers are for those who want firmness or just a little bit of cushioning with the mattress. They bring more softness and comfort to your bedding system. Two inches are proper to use with a new mattress for adding a bit more plushness. This thickness level is available for almost all materials made mattress toppers. You can easily customize your new mattress by using a two inches mattress topper with it. This topper is able to satisfy you by fulfilling your expectation of comfort. But this thickness level of a mattress topper is not well enough when you need extra support to the body or you want to compliment a sagging bed and cover indentation on the surface of the bed. 

3-Inches Thick Mattress Toppers

This thickness level mattress toppers are more supportive, bulky, and firmer than the previous thickness level. It can be ideal for those who need extra support to the body. After using it you can easily understand the difference between two and three inches mattress toppers thickness. Three inches mattress toppers also give a reasonable cover for a little loosened surface mattress. They can improve the overall support and comfort provided by the mattress. You can continue with your old mattress easily by adding a three inches mattress toppers with it. They make your existing mattress slightly firmer or plusher. Three inches mattress toppers are available in all sizes of mattresses. But need to be careful using these mattress toppers when you have kids. 

4-Inches Thick Mattress Toppers

Four inches mattress toppers are able to change your mattress nature. They totally change the feel of your mattress entirely by adding a level of plushness or firmness. It is the thickest version of mattress toppers that commonly used by users. They are so much effective to prevent all kinds of sagging issues. You can improve your old mattress by using four inches thick mattress toppers. They are also very good for motion isolation. You cannot feel the tosses and turns of your sleeping partner at night by using this thickness level. These four inches mattress toppers are useable with every sleeping position are also available in all materials made toppers. If you have back pain issues then it will be very useful for you. It can make your mattress too rigid, so they prefer to sleep on soft mattresses they should avoid it. 

Which Is the Best Thickness Value of a Mattress Topper? 

A question may arise in your mind that what is the best thickness value of a mattress toppers. Generally, most people think that a 3-inches mattress topper is good for uses while two inches make your hard mattress softer and the four inches completely change the nature of the mattress. You also can use five inches thickness for your mattress toppers but only when your mattress becomes too old and suffering significant defects and you are not in the condition to buy a new one. 

In below we also make a table that provided you the proper information at a glance about the ideal firmness, thickness, and density the setting for different sleepers based on position and body weight: 

PositionWeight GroupIdeal Topper FirmnessIdeal Topper ThicknessIdeal Topper Density
SideLess than 130 IbsSoft to Medium Soft3 1\2 inches or higher2.5 PCF and lower
130 to 230 IbsMedium Soft to Medium2 to 2 1\2 inches3 to 4 PCF
More than 230 IbsMedium Firm to Firm2 1\2 inches or lower4 PCF and higher
BackLess than 130 IbsMedium Soft to Medium Firm3 inches or higher2.5 to 3 PCF
130 to 230 IbsMedium to Firm2 to 3 inches3.5 to 5 PCF
More than 230 IbsMedium Firm to Firm2 1\2 inches or lower4.5 PCF and higher
StomachLess than 130 IbsMedium Soft to Medium Firm2 inches or higher3 PCF and lower
130 to 230 IbsMedium Firm to Firm1 to 2 inches2.5 to 4 PCF
More than 230 IbsFirm to Extra Firm1 1\2 inches or lower3.5 to 4.5 PCF

In our article, we try to clear you all about the thickness level of mattress toppers. We recommended you select the thickness level of your mattress toppers according to the necessity.


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