How to Make Your Bed Higher DIY

If you are not satisfied with your bed height position don’t worry our article will help you. In this article, we explained how you can make your bed higher DIY.

An elaborate form of DIY is ‘Do It Yourself. Today we will discuss DIY bed risers, bed wedges, and suspended beds. All of them are very effective to make your bed higher DIY.

So, let’s start our brief discussion after knowing the comfortable bed height position:

What Is the Comfortable Bed Height for You?

The average bed height varies between 16 to 26 inches from the floor. Still, there are lots of beds available which are higher or lower from the average heights position. In our point of view, it is depended on your choice and ease feeling. The comfortable height level also varies from person to person. You can use some DIY options for making your bed higher. 

DIY Bed Risers

Bed risers are the most used method for increasing bed height. You can make them home easily. In below we guided you to make and install a DIY bed riser for placing your bed position higher: 

Things you need:

  • Wooden Block.
  • Felts for Each Block.
  • A Wood Saw.
  • Wood Glue.
  • A Drill.

Making Procedures Step by Step

Specify the Height Range

Before making a DIY bed riser you should make sure that what height you expected from the bed riser. Then build it according to your comfortable height position.

Using Wood Saw

Wood saw is one of the important objects for making the DIY bed riser. By using it you require to cut the blocks into the same height. The part which gets cut you should place that top of the bed riser. In this way, an unsmooth cut will still make sure that the level part can stand on the floor. After cutting all risers equally then use a piece of felt each end of the riser which goes on the floor. It will impede the bed legs from scratching the floor.

Using Drill

Use a drill to make one 1\2 to 3\4 inch for secured the bedposts. For this reason, you will require to measure the bottom width of the bedposts. Select an appropriate drill for making an indent in the top side of the bed riser. When you can able to fit the bedpost into the hole then it will keep your bed frame stable.

Installing Process

Remove All the Things from Bed

At first, you should remove all the things like sheets, mattresses, pillows, etc. from the bed. It is wise to keep those top of the bed items in a clean place for avoiding it from dirtiness. Keep your bed free from weight that will help you to install the bed riser comfortably.

Place the Bed Riser underneath of Bed

In this stage, you need to lift one of the bed frame corners to place the riser underneath of it. Then fit the leg of the bed inside of the riser. You should take the help of your partner to complete this stage properly. After aligning the riser top hole with bedpost then you can slowly lower the frame. But ensure that these two pieces are connected and stay fit well in the place. You repeat this process to complete further steps of this stage.

Restore All the Things You Remove Earlier

When you finished the earlier stage and able to ensure the security of risers by placing it properly then you can bring back your mattress, pillows, sheets, or other accessories on the bed.

Following this procedure step by step, you can able to make and install a DIY bed riser that will surely assist you to make your bed higher. Click here to see a DIY bed riser making process visually.

DIY Bed Wedges

You also can use DIY bed wedges to increase the bed height. In below we will assist you to make this for adding additional height to your bed: 

Things you need

  • Electric Carving Knife.
  • Sheet.
  • Pins.
  • Sewing Machine.
  • Zipper.

Making Procedures Step by Step:

Cutting the Upholstery Foam

At first, you require to cut the foam for wedge support by using an electric carving knife. You can cut 24 by 24 inch square from the upholstery foam. According to your comfort and choice, you can determine the thickness of the square. Keep in mind that thicker will be the reason that can higher your wedge. Always be careful when you using an electric carving knife.

Marking the Wedge

In these steps, you need to cut out the wedge from the originally square foam. With the help of a marker and ruler, you need to draw a diagonal line from one to other corners for creating two square triangular shapes.

Cutting the Wedge

After diagonal markings, you need to cut out the wedge. Use the electric carving knife to square slice equitable. But remember if your electric carving knife isn’t long enough to completely slice through the thickness of the foam then you can use front marking to slice up through up of the thickness. Again use the back markings to cut through the other half’s.

Cutting the Covering

Now you have to cut those two triangular shapes of fabric cover for making the wedge support pillow. You need to be extra careful while you cutting the covering. It is ideal to add an extra 1 inch all around for seaming purposes.

Making the Covering

In this step, you require to match your fabric pieces for sewing them together. You should keep the right side of the fabric for facing each other.

Finishing up

You are almost done the process of making DIY bed wedges. In this step, you just need to take the wedges that you have already cut from the upholstery foam and now insert it in the covering. After that, you should sew up the remaining side and turn the edges inward for pressing together to make somewhat of a seam.

Following this procedure step by step, you can able to make DIY bed wedges that will surely help you to make your bed higher. Click here to see a DIY bed wedge making process visually.

DIY Suspended Bed

The suspended bed can be used as a good option for sleeping or resting in a higher position. You can easily customize them at any height position. Here we give some procedure that might help you to make them DIY: 

Things you need

  • Whitewood Common Board.
  • Strip Board.
  • Douglas Fir.
  • Galvanized Angels and Chain.
  • Screws.
  • Washers.

Making Procedures Step by Step

Cut Wood to Size

You need to cut all the wood accurately according to the size. For cutting, you will require a skill or table saw.

Add Support

By using, two half inches’ screw you need to attach the 2*2 bed slats for supporting each side rail. Use one-inch screws for mount the galvanized angles inside the corners of the rails that increase the stability of your DIY suspended bed. Inside the side rails, end rails will be secured.

Assemble the Bed Frame

In this stage, you should use three half inches screw in each corner for making your box frame. It will help to avoid beating up corners and walls during the transition. Box frame also increases the stability of your DIY suspended bed.

Secure and Hang Bed Frame

This step is very much important for your safety. You also require to making a strong hanging bed frame in this phase. Use screws properly and cut the wood accurately for increasing security while you hang this bed frame.

Secure Bed Slats into Place

To secure our safety we need to use screws the bed slats into place. After that, we can use our DIY suspended bed comfortably.

Following this procedure step by step, you can able to make a DIY suspended bed that will support you to make your bed higher. Click here to see a DIY suspended bed-making process visually.

In our article, we share DIY bed risers, bed wedges, and suspended beds making process. By using any of them you can make your bed higher DIY.


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