20 Homemade Bed Frame Ideas

The bed frame is one of the most necessary elements to design your bedroom well. But you need to spend a good amount of money to buy good quality bed frames from the stores. You also can make bed frames by yourself.

Before going to the main article, below we are sharing a video where Seth Johnson from Land to House made a queen size bed frame only for $110 in his house. Let’s check it out:

20 Ideas of Homemade Bed Frame

In this article, we will share 20 homemade bed frame unique ideas. We are very much sure that you never thought before about them. So, start to scroll down and check out which homemade bed frame idea is appropriate for you:

Simple Wooden Bed Frame

It is one of the popular ideas for making a homemade bed frame. You just need to build a rectangular- shaped bed frame and don’t require to add a headboard or polish it before use. You always need to consider your mattress size before making this bed frame.

Bunk Bed Frame

Homemade bunk beds are so simple to make. To make this you need to manage some strong wood boards and the perfect paint. They keep you cool while sleeping on it. It can be a smart choice for your kids.

Little Ark Bed Frame for Toddlers

This bed frame is very simple and easy to make. All you require to perfect wood for the bed frame and need to consider the mattress size before making this bed frame. They are very fashionable and suitable for your toddler.

Minimalist Bed Frame

Almost everyone likes the minimalist style. To make this bed frame firstly, you need to design the floor according to your bed frame and then put the mattress on it. Not necessary to make a headboard for the bed. Just install wood tiles on your wall.

Storage Bed Frame

For making these homemade bed frames you need expensive materials and also some skills. But they have a very nice feature to make you happy. You can use it in the guestroom and also not necessary to place drawers or cupboards for storage because this bed frame has enough space for the store.

Storage Bed Frame with Wheels

If you have a small space or regular need to change the room then this bed frame will be a good solution for you. Though it is a little bit tough but so much effective for use. You also need to install the wheels with this bed frame. For doing this you need to afford labor on it.

Simple Pallet Bed Frame

It is one of the easiest ideas to make a bed frame. Manage some inexpensive wood boards and then design your bed frame. Make the headboard too to enhance the look of your bed frame. This bed frame is not looking so modern but if you like something vintage then it is a good frame for you.

Classy Pallet Bed Frame

It is a perfect choice for the classy bedroom lovers’ people. This bed frame is going to blend with the white walls and the nice wood floor. You don’t need to concern about the paint and making a headboard for your bed. But don’t forget to consider the size of the mattress.

Pallet Bed Frame with Lights

You can give a great look to your pallet bed frame by installing lights bellow it. Make sure that your bed frame is wider than the mattress to get the best look. It is amazing to watch and luxurious to use.

Pallet Bed Frame for Girly Bedroom

You need to put mattresses covered in a sheet and girly patterned blanket to complete the making procedure of this nice homemade bed frame. It can be ideal for the children’s bedroom.

White Pallet Bed Frame

It’s good looking not depends on the color of your bed sheet and wall. In any colors, it seems beautiful. You need to paint your pallet bed frame in white for making this. The shape of this bed frame depends on your room and mattress size. If you live in a tiny room then it is wise to avoid it.

Gray Pallet Bed Frame

Paint your bedroom in gray then colored the bedsheet and mattress also in gray for making it more attractive. You also patterned gray or black blanket on it. This bed frame offers you storage facilities too.

Wide Pallet Bed Frame

In requires to make your bed frame wider than the mattress for giving this shape. You don’t need to make a headboard for it but you can nicely decorate it to make more eye-catching.

Elegant Pallet Bed Frame

Manage some fine woods and then polish your bed frame to make it elegant. For making headboard from wood planks you need to arrange them horizontally. Some decorations like flower vase on this bed frame increase the glace of it. It is ideal for those who like elegance in simplicity.

Bed Frame with Plank Headboard

It is easy to build and looks so accomplished. Add a plank headboard without any polish allow it to give the natural shining. You can put a mattress on it and then colored the bed sheets to make your bed stylish in looking.

Cool Bed Frame for A Book Worm

If you have so many books in the collection but you suffering space shortage for arranging them then you can use this method. Just turn your old wall into a cool bed frame to get relieved from that situation. In a low budget, it is simple in making and stylish to look.

The Floating Bed Frame

To make a floating bed frame you need some skills but if you can complete it then you will be benefited in many ways. You can be decorated according to your choice. You also can add some lights below the bed to get look floating despite the shadow from the ceiling lights.

Simple Bed Frame from Pipe

At first you need to cut the pipe according to the required fitting and then assemble the pipe before making the mattress base for your bed frame. Keep in mind that to get the right size you always make the mattress base after the bed frame is ready.

King Size Bed Frame

By following this process you can easily modify your mattress into king or queen size according to your necessity. But you need to consider the length of the mattress before doing anything. You just need to squeeze the frame to get the expected width.

Rustic Pallet Bed Frame

By applying this idea you can make your bed three pallets high. You also can make the pallet bed frame wider than the mattress to get the dramatic effect of it. It has well height so you don’t require to add headboard anymore. Just keep it simple and enjoy your sleep or rest on it.

There also many ideas are available for homemade bed frame but we will give you the easiest and most gorgeous 20 unique ideas among them. We hope it will be helpful for you to design and make a homemade bed frame inexpensively.


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