How Big is a California King?

California King sizes are also known as Western King’ or Cal King to us. This size became so popular in the decade of the 1960s. There is a very interesting story behind the manufacturer of California King size.

How Big Is a California King?

Before the California King size, Standard King was the largest mattress in the bedding industry. Standard King is 76 inches wide and 80 inches long. But that time Hollywood celebrities wanted longer and more oversized beds to decorate their master bedrooms. LA mattress company take that opportunity and began to manufacture a new size bed which is later familiar to the name of California King size. In a very short time, these size beds are gain popularity in both America and Europe.

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How Big Is a California King?

The size of the California King is 72″ wide and 84″ long. It is the lengthiest size mattress. So, they are very good for tall people. It provides them enough foot space to sleep comfortably. Two adults can comfortably sleep on this size bed with multiple pets or children. California King size is the best for those people who share their beds with others. You need to spend an average of $300-$1000 for purchasing a California King size bed.

California king bed size

Below we make a list of the pros and cons of California King size:

Pros of a California King Size:

Comfortable for Extremely Tall Sleepers

California King is the longest than all other beds size. So, extremely tall people can sleep on it comfortably without feeling their dangling off the bed. They get enough space for lie flat on a California King size bed. Over 7 feet height people can be comfortable with it while sleeping.

Takes up Comparatively Less Space than A King-Size Bed

California King’s beds are designed in a more rectangular shape for the purpose of the easier fitting. This design makes it more capable to fit into certain spaces than the King size beds. At the same time, California King is 4 inches less wide than the King size beds. It also a reason to take slightly less space than the King size beds.

Great for Those Who Like Raised Pillows

Many people prefer to sleep with raise pillows. For those people, California King provides peerless space that allows multiple pillows to lift them. So, if you like to sleep by raising pillows then the huge space of California King size beds is great for you to do that comfortably.

Ideal for Multiple Sleepers

California King gives extra space for couples or multiple sleepers. They can comfortably spread their limbs and move around without disturbing each other during sleep. Sleepers also can share this size bed with their pets and children because it has enough space for multiple sleepers sleeping.

Unrivaled Extravagance

California sizes beds are unique in shape. They are not used in very common. But they can change the looks of your master bedrooms by making it attractive to the others. It provides you both comforts and luxury.

Cons of a California King Size:

Very Heavy and Hard to Move

California King beds are heaviest than all other size beds. It is not possible to move it easily. You need the help of multiple people to move a California King size bed. So, it is quite difficult to move a California King size bed for its heavy-weight.

Larger Space Requires and Can Be Very Expensive

You need to spend around $1,000 to purchase a California King size bed. They are the most expensive bed. Large room space also a matter. So, before purchasing this size bed you should consider your budget and space.

Hard to Find Bedding

Most breeding brands making accessories sizes up to King beds. So, it is tougher for you to find bedding and other related accessories for your California King size bed.

We make a table with the data of various sizes. It will help us to compare among different sizes and clear us how big is California King. Let’s look into the table:

SizeDimensions (Inches)

(Width x Length)

Dimensions (Centimeters) (Width x Length)Surface Area (Square Inches)Minimum Space Require

(Wide x Long)

Width Per Person (Inches)Comfortably Fits
Crib Mattress28” x 52”71.12 cm. x 132.08 cm.1,4566.16’ x 8.5’24”1 baby
Toddler Mattress28” x 52”71.12 cm. x 132.08 cm.1,4566.16’ x 8.5’24”1 toddler
Twin38” x 75”96.52 cm. x 190.5 cm.2,8507.16’ x 10.25’27”1 person
Twin XL38” x 80”96.52 cm. x 203.2 cm.3,0407.16’ x 10.66’27”1 person
Full/ Double54” x 75”137 cm. x 190 cm.4,0508.5’ x 10.25’27”1 person with a pet, 2 adults, no pets
Queen60” x 80”153 cm. x 203 cm.4,8009’ x 11’30”1 person with a pet, 2 adults, no pets
King76” x 80”193 cm. x 203.2 cm.6,08013’ x 13’38”1 adult with pet(s) or child(s), 2 adults with a large pet or child
California King72” x 84”182.9 cm. x 213.4 cm.6,04812’ x 14’36”1 adult with multiple pets or children, 2 adults with multiple pets or children

This table shows us various information about different sizes. It will help us to make comparisons easily among them. According to the table information, one thing is clear that California King is the largest size among all of the sizes. It is 72 inches wide and 84 inches in length. In the centimeter’s calculation that stands, 182.9 cm. in wide and 213.4 cm. in length.

California King sizes are only 4 inches smaller than the King size in wide. But in length, it is the largest among all of the sizes. It covers a total of 6,048 square inches/ 42 square feet area. So, you need a minimum of 12 feet wide and 14 feet long space to fit it quite nicely. It allows 36 inches wide per person.

We hope that our table and total discussion will be fruitful for you to understand different beds’ sizes measurements. In this article, we will provide measurement data about all of the sizes that commonly used, and then based on these data we try to compare among all of these sizes. In one sentence California King is the lengthiest and one of the biggest sizes in the bedding industry.

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