What’s The Difference Between King And California King?

People are often confused about the differences between King and California King. Most of them have no clear concept about those differences. Generally, there are many similarities between King and California King. They are almost the same in dimension and features. Still lots of differences between King and California King.

What's The Difference Between King And California King

In this article, we will discuss both King and California King. We hope this process will be fruitful for you to identify the differences between King and California King more easily. Let’s start one by one:

Understanding The King Size Bed or Mattress

King sizes are also known as ‘Standard King or Eastern King’. These size beds are firstly introduced by Simmons bedding company in 1958. The standard size of the King is 80 inches long and 76 inches wide. In centimeter,

King sizes are 193 cm. wide and 203.2 cm. long.  It is the largest mattress size in the market. They are suitable for the larger master bedrooms. To place a King size mattress in your bedroom you need a minimum of 12 feet by 10 feet space. Though 13 feet by 13 feet space is best for placing a King size mattress. King size mattress covers a total of 42.2 square feet/ 6,080 square inches surface.

This size is perfect for those couples who sleep with large pets or children and like to spread out. Two average height adults can sleep on it comfortably with their children, a single large pet, or multiple small pets. King size mattress has an extra width that makes it more suitable for the people who share their mattress with others. Sleepers don’t felt disturbances on it due to other movements.

Enough space makes it more comfortable for sleep. You also find the accessories like comforter sets, mattress encasements, etc. for King size beds more easily. Usually, this size and it’s all of the accessories are available in most of the retail stores. The prize range of King sizes generally starts at $250.

Below we make a list of the pros and cons of King size:

Pros of King Size

Suitable for Multiple Sleepers

The King size bed is a smart choice for couples who like to sleep more comfortably. The extra width of it gives sleepers more freedom to moves easily while sleeping. More sleeping space ensures that everyone gets sound sleep on it without disturbing each other during sleep.

They’re Children and Pet Friendly

There is so much space in a King size bed. Children can enjoy their sleep with their parents on it. King size beds have also space for pets. Sleepers can share their space with a couple of smaller pets or a single large pet too.

Make Sleeping Surfaces Luxurious

King size bed can bring glazes in your bedroom. Though people think that this size is only appropriate for hotels or luxurious master bedrooms. We don’t think so. If you have larger space in your bedroom then you can use King sizes bed without any hesitation.

Great for Filling a Huge Space

King size beds can be a good option for you to fill the space of your large bedroom. So, they have a large bedroom space they can use it to get benefitted.

Widely Available

King sizes beds are available in almost every retail store with full accessories set. You can easily find it everywhere for purchase.

Cons of King Size

They Can Get Expensive

King sizes beds are expensive than the Twin, Twin XL, Queen, or other beds. Quality King size bed can cost almost $2000. It is not so easy for lower- or middle-income people to afford.

It Might Be Too Big for Your Bedroom

You cannot place a King size bed in a small space. You require a large space in your bedroom to place it. sometimes it is difficult to manage such a huge space in the bedroom.

Difficult to Move

King size bed weighted almost 150 Ibs. One or two persons cannot move it easily. To move a King size bed safely you require multiple people.

Not Ideal for Taller Person

A King size bed is not ideal for more than 6 feet taller people. It is shorter for them because of its less length.

Understanding The California King Size Bed or Mattress

California King is also familiar with ‘Cal King or Western King’s name. This bed size was brought by An LA mattress company in the 1960s on the demand of Hollywood celebrities. In that period, they want oversized mattresses to make luxurious bedrooms. Soon it became popular in both America and Europe.

Usually, a California King size bed is 72 inches wide and 84 inches in length. That means 182.9 cm. in width and 182.9 cm. in length. California King size beds cover a total of 6,048 square inches/ 42 square feet. To place, you need a big bedroom with space. 14 feet by 12 feet is the perfect space to place a California King size bed. But it can be placeable in12 feet by 12 feet space too.

It is the ideal size beds for taller people. Most often we see that more than 6 feet taller people suffer from lack of foot space. For taller people California King size beds are can be a good solution because it is the lengthiest bed among all of the size beds. Taller adults can comfortably share this bed with children, one large pet, or multiple smaller pets. These size’s beds are also not bad for a couple of sleeping. Sleep partners can easily move on it without creating any sleeping disturbance to others.

Usually, California King size beds are not used widely. For that reason, it is harder to find these sizes of beds and their set up accessories. So, it is quite incommodious to find the sheets, box springs, comforters, protectors, frames, and other accessories of California King size beds. They also cost you more. The price of a California King size bed starts from $300.

Below we make a list of the pros and cons of California King size:

Pros of California King Size

Comfortable for Tall Sleepers

California Kings is the longest among all of the size beds. For this reason, tall people can sleep on it more comfortably than all other sizes. Above 6 feet taller sleepers can lie flat on it without feeling their feet inclined off the bed’s edge.

Good for Those Who Prefer Raised Pillows

California King size provides peerless space for those people who like to sleep with a couple of pillows propping them. In a California King bed, you get more than enough space for sleeping on several pillows.

Ideal for Multiple Sleepers

California King’s has enough width and length that gives extra space for multiple or couple sleepers to sleep on it comfortably. Parents can sleep on it with their children so comfortably. It allows multiple pets too. Multiple people can sleep on it by spreading their limbs and without creating disturbances to other’s sleep.

Unrivaled Extravagance

California King sizes beds are not very common. If you have enough space in your room then you can place it nicely. After a proper setting, it provides luxurious and comfortable sleeping space for you. California Kings give your bedroom a unique look and make it attractive to others.

Cons of California King Size

Very Heavy and Hard to Move

When you need to moves your California King size bed then you fall into deep trouble due to its heavy-weight. It is the heaviest bed. So, you need the help of some people for moving a California King size bed.

Can Be Very Expensive

You need to spend a good amount of money to purchase a California King size bed. To be honest it is out of the budget range of lower- and middle-income people.

Hard to Find Bedding

Another problem is that you don’t find California King size bed and its bedding and related accessories easily everywhere because of its little use. It can be a problem for the purchasers.

Difference Between King And California King

We think the differences between King and California King are already clear to you by reading our above brief discussion. We also make a table with the key differences between these two sizes of bed. We hope it might be helpful for you to understand the difference between King and California King more easily:

DifferencesKingCalifornia King
Width (Inches)76”72”
Length (Inches)80”84”
Width (Centimeters)(193 cm)(182.9 cm)
Length (Centimeters)(203.2 cm)(213.4 cm)
Ideal Bedroom Size6,080 Square Inches/ 42.2 Square Foot6,048 Square Inches/ 42 Square Foot
AccessoriesEasier to Find and CheaperHarder to Find and More Expensive
Best forCouples SleepersTall People
Comfortably Fits1 adult with a pet(s) or child(s), 2 adults with a large pet or child1 adult with multiple pets or children, 2 adults with multiple pets or children
Price Range$250 to $800$300 to $1000
Other NamesEastern KingWestern King

We are very sure that now you understand the difference between King and California King.


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