How To Go Back To Sleep When Stressed? [14 Solutions]

We live in an era where stress is a very common symptom of human emotion. Stress is a feeling mixed with nervousness and worries. Stress can be caused due to many reasons including our workplace, family, economics, and many more.

Stress affects our everyday routine in which one of them is sleep. Stress mixes things up and then we end up having anxiety which later on affects our body and mind.

14 Ways To Go Back To Sleep When Stressed

So let’s see what we can do if we want to have a peaceful sleep at night without any anxiety and stress. Check below the 14 solutions to go back to sleep when stressed.

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1. Quit caffeine

Don’t drink coffee after the evening. This is one of the reasons that you won’t be able to sleep at night. Caffeine makes the brain work so it is not a good option. Instead of caffeine try something soothing like any leafy branded tea or warm water with honey.

2. Carbohydrate for dinner

Eat food that contains carbohydrates like pasta, quinoa, rice, baked potatoes, etc. with a side of chicken or oceanic fish. These foods contain melatonin and magnesium which help to get sleep more smoothly.

3. Warm bath

Have a bath before bedtime. Include different aromatic oils like tea tree or lavender. These help to relax the body and mind. Bathing before sleep is considered to be very effective.

4. Essential oils and candles

We all know about scented candles and essential oils. An hour before sleep light up one or two candles and put 2-3 drops of essential oil beside your pillow. Breathe in and breathe out. In this way, you will feel comfortable and relieved. Essential oils like basil oil, peppermint, rose, lavender and chamomile will soothe your mentality.

5. Take some time off

During the day no matter what, take some time for yourself. That time is reserved only for you. No one should be able to take it away. Discover yourself. Don’t think or panic about what you are stressed about. Think about how your body and soul needs care and nourishment.

6. Exercise

We all know ‘Health is Wealth’. This is not just a proverb; it is a way to a good lifestyle. This is what happens, we plan to exercise then we start doing it, after some days we stop. Why?? Exercising doesn’t mean going to the gym and doing extensive workouts. Stretch at home before going to sleep. If we stretch each limb for at least 7-8 seconds our muscles lose out. That stiffness between our bones goes away. In this way, our body responds properly and it helps the brain to stimulate relaxation properties.

7. Don’t force yourself to sleep

When you are trying to sleep, don’t force yourself. That way you will think about how to get to sleep which later on causes anxiety and tension. That’s not what we want. If you can’t sleep, walk around. Listen to some soothing music. Warm-up some milk and then try again. Just don’t try too hard.

8. Don’t look at the clock

The clock is a teaser when you are trying to sleep. Don’t stare at the clock because you will be counting how much time is left before you need to wake up. Avoid the clock. If you have a wall clock then put a cover on it. As well as the clock on your phone- keep it on the side table or further from your reach.

9. Room temperature

The temperature of your room should be between cool and warm. Our body responds well when the temperature is perfect.

10. Lightning

Turn off the light in your room at the same time every day. And if you sleep with a support light or side light don’t use any colored light because our brain won’t respond well to it. Red light causes exhaustion and panic. Blue light causes insomnia and blindness.  So try to use a light with a low dim.

11. Massaging

Head massage or a spa massage is one of the best ways to relax your mind and make you stress-free. Hire a professional to give you a massage. Head massages are more preferable because it circulates the blood flow in your brain and activates the neurons responsible for sleeping. Try to get a massage once or twice a week.

12. No office work before bedtime

Don’t get engaged in any kind of official matter before going to sleep. This will cause stress and tension. If anyone calls to let them know you will be able to help them early in the morning.

13. Stop browsing

We are so addicted to seeing what’s going on in the newsfeed or silly videos. We are doing it all day so we need to stop this. Browsing before sleeping will cause pain in the nerve cells and it also puts pressure on the brain which is not a sign of sleep. Instead, put away browsing before an hour or two of dozing off and spend that hour reading a book or exchange chats with the family. This is both healthy and bonding.

14. Don’t take medicine

Unless it is a doctor prescribed don’t take medicines. Taking medicine might cause temporary relaxation but after some time it won’t affect it anymore. Our body reacts to certain things for a certain amount of time.


Pre-bed time care is essential for those who are dealing with everyday stress. Stress relief won’t happen overnight.  If we can keep up with the steps then we will find a solution. We need to take care of ourselves. But if someone is hyper stressing, they should consult with a professional or a therapist.


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