How to Wake Someone Up?

Wake up in the early morning is very beneficial for both our health and mind. It is not an easy task to wake someone up from sleep. This task can be more difficult in the case of heavy sleepers. Generally, we follow direct and indirect methods to wake someone up. In this article, we will discuss how can you wake someone up in both methods.

How to Wake Someone Up?

5 Ways to Wake Someone Up Directly:

Greetings or addressing the person loudly

It is the most common direct method to wake someone up. Use your voice to greetings him/ her good morning or just addressing the person’s name loudly near him/ her. Your loud voice sound is enough for a person to wake up from sleep. You can also gently touch their shoulder while greeting or addressing him/ her for waking up. If they respond to you with a muffled then remind him/ her why you want to wake them up.

Use your phone

Your smartphone can be a great tool for you to wake someone up. Nowadays, smartphones are containing many useful features. The alarms feature is one of them. You can serially set 1 to 5 and more alarm simultaneously on your smartphone. When these alarms will start to play continuously after one by one then the person will be wake up to off it. Set loud music as your alarm tone. It will work better. You also can wake someone up in another way by using your phone. Calling this person’s phone whom do you want to wake up from your phone.  After ringing his/ her phone a few times he/ she must wake up to pick the call.

Turn on the radio or tv with the volume up

If there’s a radio or television in the room of this person whom you want to wake up. You can use them as an effective tool to wake someone up. Play their favorites music or radio show on the radio or put the tv on one of his/ her favorite or annoyed channel and turn the volume up. It will make it impossible for someone to continue to sleep in this room with the radio or tv’s high volume. But be careful about sound pollution when using this method to wake someone up.

Take help from the person’s pets whom you want to wake up

If this person whom you want to wake up has pets then use them for your advantage to wake him/ her up. Generally, a cat or dog is very good to wake someone up. Cat and dog like to climb and bark after seeing their master/ mistress. Your job is just entering the pets into their master’s/ mistress’s room where they sleep. After that, you do not require to do anything because pets will be done the rest to wake their master/ mistress up. You also can use a toy or treat to lure the pet to complete your task more smoothly.

Give the person massages

Giving massages is one of the simple ways to wake someone up nicely. Gently rub their neck, scalp, or back with long, soothing strokes. This message will give the person comfort and a relaxed feel. At the same time, your touch will wake him/ her up from the sleep with a happy mood. Your massages make him/ her cheerful. You can realize this glad sign from the smiling face of this person.

4 Ways to Wake Someone Up Indirectly

Let the light come into the room

Gentle sweet and fresh daylight cues a person to wake up with a delightful mind and mood. It gives them a tranquility feel and also energized them to give the best performance throughout the day. So, open the close windows to allow daylight into the room where the person sleeps whom you want to wake up. When the daylight begins to enter the room then the sleeping person wakes up after a few minutes. This waking up method good for health too.

Use a tasty food smell to attract a sleeping person’s attention

Open the door of the room where the person whom you want to wake up sleep and then go to the kitchen. Bake some quick muffins or fry up some bacon. Tea and coffee both have a great smell too. You also can use the microwave to warm up something delicious. It will enough to reach your message to the sleeper. He/ she just needs to wake up for eating this delicious breakfast. This method is very effective to wake up someone especially a gourmand person. A food lover person cannot ignore this delicious smell. You also can bring breakfast in their bed to make them happier.

Keep the alarm device far away from the bed

Some people snooze the alarm in sleep. If they can stop the alarm tone once then they will sleep for a long period. So, what can you do? Just keep the alarm watch, smartphone, or other devices away from the sleeper person’s reach. Make sure that the sleeping person needs to walk some steps to turn the alarm off. Try to keep the alarm device in such a place where a sleeping person needs to find it to turn off the alarm. Sudden awake and then a few steps walking will be effective to break the sleep. It can prevent them to fall into a deep asleep again. As a result, a few minutes later they will self- raising from the bed.

Adjust the room temperature

You can change the room temperature to make a sleeping person a little bit uncomfortable. If the room’s fan or AC on then turning it off. In hot weather, the sleeper starts sweating and felt not good to continue the sleep. Doing the reverse things in winter. Turn on the room’s fan or AC in the winter period to makes the room temperature cold. You also can take help from the room’s windows to adjust the temperature. Open the windows if the outside is cold or close it in warm weather that brings an insufferable condition in the room and make it difficult for someone to sleep more.

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Besides these direct and indirect methods, there are also some other methods to wake someone up. You can follow the prank method with the sleeping person for waking him/ her up by doing something funny like dump some cold water, pull the person out of bed by their feet, or other ways. But you can do these pranks only with your friends or others who allow prank. Always be careful that no one hurt or angry with you when you try to wake them up.


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