What Is A Firm Mattress?

Firmness is a terminology used to explain the amount of resistance that pushes against the body while lying on a mattress. A firm mattress has a crusted surface than the soft or medium-firm mattress. When you sleep on a firm mattress you can feel that it has a strong surface rather than others.

They can tolerate more pressure and saves your mattresses from creating sagging problems. Firm mattresses are also effective to solve back pain related issues problems. The undermentioned table will be helpful for you to know better about mattress firmness:

Firmness RangeFirm to Extra Firm (7- 10)Medium Soft to Medium Firm (4- 6)Extra Soft to Soft
PriceMost AffordableAffordableMost Expensive
DurabilityGood to Very GoodFair to GoodPoor to Fair
Pain/ Pressure ReliefPoor to FairGood to Very GoodFair to Good
Odor PotentialGood to Very GoodFair to GoodPoor to Fair
Temperature NeutralityGood to Very GoodFair to GoodPoor to Fair
SexGood to Very GoodGood to Very GoodFair to Good
Ease of MovingGood to Very GoodFair to GoodPoor to Fair

Who Should Choose Firm Mattress?

  • Heavier Weight People: Firm mattress is very good for heavily weighted people. It can tolerate 200+ pounds of body weight easily. A firm mattress doesn’t create any sinking problem. But when a heavily weighted people lie down on a soft or medium-firm mattress most of the time they are unable to handle this pressure. So, a heavily weighted person cannot sleep comfortably. In this sense, a firm mattress should be the right choice for heavily weighted people.
  • Back Pain Issues Suffering People: If you have back pain issues then it is wise for you to avoid soft mattress. Soft mattresses are not able to provide you enough support that you needed to cope with back pain issues. Lack of support deteriorates your back pain issues conditions day by day. A firm mattress can give you relief from that situation. Firm mattresses can provide the proper support that you need for lessening back pain issues. A firm mattress will be very effective for back pain issues that suffer people.
  • Back Sleepers: Firm mattresses are always ideal for the back sleepers because they need more support while they sleep. Firm mattresses provide them enough back support to keep the body in alignment. They ensure the natural curve for back sleepers’ spine. The firm mattress also helps them to relieve the body’s pressure comfortably.
  • People Who Shared Their Mattress: When you sleep with your partner, siblings, children, or friends then you should use a firm mattress. Sleeping with others creates more pressure on the mattress. A soft mattress cannot able to tolerate this heavy pressure. You also feel the movement or tosses of the others if you sleep on a soft mattress. Firm mattresses have less motion transfer rate so you cannot feel others movement or tosses while sleeping on it. This reason, firm mattresses are ideal for those people who shared their mattresses with others.
  • People Who Sleep in Hot Weather: Firm mattresses are suitable for the hot weather region. If you live in such regions you will be benefited by using a firm mattress because they have less heat resonates and less dipping capacity which keeps you cool during the sleeping period. You can get a sound sleep there despite hot weather. The firm mattress is the right choice for the hot weather region inhabitants.

Below we make a table to help you to find the proper optimal firm range according to the body weight and sleeping position:

Weight GroupSleep PositionOptimal Firmness Range
Lighter than Average


(Less than 130 Ibs.)

SideMedium Soft to Medium
BackMedium Soft to Medium Firm
StomachMedium Soft to Medium Firm

(130 to 230 Ibs.)

SideMedium Soft to Medium
BackMedium to Firm
StomachMedium to Medium Firm
Heavier than Average (More than 230 Ibs.)SideMedium to Medium Firm
BackMedium Firm to Firm
StomachMedium Firm to Firm

Benefits of a Firm Mattress

Firm mattresses have lots of benefits. Here we highlight some of them:

  • The firm mattress ensures proper alignment of your body.
  • They distribute your weight on a level.
  • You cannot feel your partner’s movements on a firm mattress.
  • Prevent mattress from sagging.
  • Comfortable for back sleepers.
  • It helps to prevent bedsores.
  • Gives better edge support.
  • Lessen Back problem issues.
  • Effective to use in hot weather.
  • Decrease stress.
  • Keep neck in positing.
  • More versatile than the soft or medium-firm mattresses.
  • Able to provide you a sound sleep.

In our article, we tried to give you details information about a firm mattress. We hope our providing information will able to clear your concept about it. Test a firm mattress before buying by sleep or sit on it.





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