What is Bi-Fold Box Spring?

Bi-fold mattresses can be hard to come by, as they are quite often the least popular boxspring option. They are, however, an innovative solution for box-spring lovers.

At their most basic, bi-fold box springs are foldable box springs. They typically fold in half at the center, much like bi-fold mattresses. Since it can fold, shipping charges are lessened as is the hassle of trying to maneuver a bulky box spring through narrow doorways and up flights of stairs.

Bi-fold box springs are just as sturdy as their non-folding counterparts and should last just as long in terms of lifespan.

Benefits of Bi-Fold Box Spring:

  • Easy to move
  • Compact to store
  • Sturdy

If you are looking for bi-fold box spring or foldable box springs, you can check this article.


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